Will Ahmad Bradshaw Join the Colts?

Will Ahmad Bradshaw Join the Colts?

Unrestricted free agent, Ahmad Bradshaw, made a visit to the Indianapolis Colts this past Thursday. And by all reports, the Colts liked what they saw and were trying to hash out a contract for Bradshaw to join the team.

A day later we hear that the negotiating has hit a “stale mate” and that both sides are waiting for the other to jump. Before the Colts called on Bradshaw to come in, his market was at a standstill. And while Ahmad Bradshaw would easily be the best running back on the Colts roster if signed, his injury history is keeping him in check.

Personally, I want this to happen so bad. Ahmad would be perfect for the Colts if healthy. And heck, even at 75%, he’s still probably better than Vic Ballard and is surely better than Donald Brown and Delone Carter. Bradshaw is excellent in pass protection, can run with authority and is extremely adept at catching out of the backfield. There is no player like that on Indianapolis’ depth chart at the moment. If signed, it would likely mean the end for either Carter or Brown. I’ve always been a big fan of Brown but his injury issues are also a reason to believe Carter has a leg up to be the RB2.

I wouldn’t be shocked to see a deal get done on Monday or Tuesday after Bradshaw’s camp realizes this could be their best option. I know he probably wanted to go back with the Giants but they are set to move on with David Wilson and Andre Brown.

Currently I have Ahmad ranked 34th among running backs because I thought he still had a decent shot at landing with a team and hopefully that becomes true. If he does in fact sign with the Colts though and is healthy, he will easily jump up to around 25.


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