Josh Gordon One Strike Away From Year Ban

Josh Gordon One Strike Away From Year Ban

A couple of days ago, Josh Gordon, WR for the Cleveland Browns was busted for a second time, violating the leagues substance abuse policy. He will be required to miss the first two games of the 2013 season and get four game checks taken away.

For many, Gordon was a revelation last season and is being watched closely heading into fantasy drafts. He showed a lot of promise in 2012 and could easily out perform his number from a year ago. In his rookie year he totaled 50 REC, 805 YDS and 5 TD’s. And he did it with rookie QB Brandon Weeden and a mostly talentless cast of receivers. It wouldn’t shock anyone to see him jump up to 70-80 receptions for 1,100 yards with 7 touchdowns in 2013. And that would easily put him in among the top 30 at his position. The only real question now is, can he stay clean?

This should be a concern for everyone and most likely someone drafting in your league will not realize this and take him too soon. In college he had the same issues and wasn’t able to play his senior season after transferring from Baylor to Utah. At Baylor he was suspended two times for marijuana and couldn’t pass the drug test at Utah.

Gordon’s latest violation is said to be from a cough medicine he took that contained the banned substance codeine. He said that it was to treat his strep throat back in February and the league did take this information into account reducing his ban from 4 to 2 games. But if he gets one more strike, it will be a year on the couch for Josh. And savvy owners will know that before taking a chance on him.

One thing is for sure, Gordon has a lot of potential this season. Hopefully it truly was a careless oversight on his part and his use of drugs is behind him. But his recent track record isn’t very good. You’ve been warned.


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