Packers Add WR Terrell Sinkfield To The Mix

Packers Add WR Terrell Sinkfield To The Mix

The Green Bay Packers have signed undrafted free agent WR Terrell Sinkfield. Sinkfield played collegiately for Northern Iowa and joins a large contingency of receivers that the Packers have amassed for camp. Prior to this, Terrell had spent two weeks with the Dolphins before being let go. Makes you wonder if the Dolphins let him walk, how good could he be? Maybe the Packers are just curious if he is as fast as his Pro Day numbers suggest. At the Minnesota pro day, he recorded a scorching 4.19 forty time.

This brings the total number of receivers for the Packers up to twelve. If Sinkfield can manage to hang onto a spot for the preseason he might be a name to watch. But even if he managed to make a name for himself during the preseason, don’t count on him making an impact during 2013. He is definitely a project and will need a year or two before getting his shot.


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