Buccaneers Sign Third Round Pick QB Mike Glennon

Buccaneers Sign Third Round Pick QB Mike Glennon

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have signed third round pick, QB Mike Glennon, to a four-year deal. For now, it’s not worth considering Glennon in any standard fantasy football drafts but he should warrant consideration in Dynasty leagues. Incumbent starter Josh Freeman is clearly on the hot-seat and needs to perform well to keep his job. Head coach Greg Schiano has already made some comments that make Josh Freeman‘s status uncertain heading into 2013.

Bottom line, I would stay away from both quarterbacks this season. It’s not worth rolling the dice on Freeman when the QB position is so deep. And Glennon is nothing more than dynasty league material. It’s possible that Glennon gets a shot at some point during the regular season but he should be available on the waiver wire when that week comes.


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