Denver Broncos Release RB Willis McGahee
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Denver Broncos Release RB Willis McGahee

In a move that had been speculated for a couple of months now, the Denver Broncos have parted ways with veteran running back Willis McGahee who was coming back from a broken leg.

The Broncos drafted Montee Ball to be the future starting running back and must be comfortable enough with Knowshon Moreno as the backup. Moreno finally showed some life toward the end of 2012 after McGahee suffered his injury and Denver still has second-year back Ronnie Hillman to provide the change-of-pace role.

For fantasy purposes, McGahee is going to fall far down the rankings. He’s probably the best free agent available now after Ahmad Bradshaw was signed in Indianapolis and we will probably put him just above FA Michael Turner. Moreno and Ball will each move up and Montee’s stock continues to rise.

Now all I need to hear is that Peyton Manning is comfortable with Ball in the backfield and he’ll be set as a decent RB2 heading into drafts.

I’m sure this isn’t the end of the road for McGahee yet, but for me personally, he’s had an incredible career after suffering one of the most gruesome injuries at the college level. If you wanted a reminder because it’s been a while, go see for yourself.

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