Santonio Holmes Still Not Practicing Or Running For That Matter

Santonio Holmes Still Not Practicing Or Running For That Matter

Lets face it, New York Jets receiver Santonio Holmes hasn’t been a fantasy commodity since he ran with the Steelers. So there wasn’t any real hope for him this season unless you were… say… me. I kind of thought Holmes had a chance to finally break out in a Jets uniform this year. But that was contingent upon Geno Smith grabbing reigns of the starting job.

Now we learn that Santonio still hasn’t started running or cutting on the field. It’s been 8 months since he was diagnosed with a Lisfranc injury of the foot and he is still riding a bike on the sidelines during practice. I don’t know about you but I’m imediately taking Holmes off of my sleeper list now. A Lisfranc injury is brutal to begin with but he is 8 months out and still not able to run?

Also piling on the bad news for Holmes, per Manish Mehta on twitter:

The Jets are still woefully thin at wide receiver. If Holmes is unable to go, it doesn’t matter who the QB is. They will struggle throwing the ball. Which is exactly why they should just let Geno start from day one. He can at least scramble if things don’t open up downfield.

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