Tarvaris Jackson Lands On His Feet In Seattle

Tarvaris Jackson Lands On His Feet In Seattle

Everyone knew it wouldn’t take long for Tarvaris Jackson to land on his feet after being released by the Buffalo Bills less than a week ago, and he landed with the Seattle Seahawks. It’s a natural fit, as he played with the Seahawks in 2011 as the starter (going 7-7) and knows the system. He played pretty well and is a much better choice to back up Russell Wilson than former Notre Dame standout Brady Quinn.

While proven to be a capable NFL quarterback when given the chance, we don’t expect Jackson to have any fantasy value if his number was called upon. In fact, if Jackson’s number is called because of an injury to Wilson that would most certainly limit the potential of other Seahawks like Golden Tate and Percy Harvin. Hopefully this is something we will not have to talk about.


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