FantasyFootball101 : Tips and Hints to Fantasy Football Success!

FantasyFootball101 : Tips and Hints to Fantasy Football Success!

Warning! What you are about to read is extremely detailed and informing for all levels of Fantasy Footballers! Rookies beware, Fantasy Football is extremely addicting, making you forget about work, food, even loved ones once Football season is in full effect! Enjoy, but you’ve been warned!
If this is your first Fantasy Football experience, here are the basics to get you going. Fantasy Football is basically this : You create an account on your favorite football website, then search and join a league with other fantasy-team owners of all skill ranges, draft a group of NFL players to fulfill certain position requirements QB,RB,WR,TE,K and Defense (some leagues draft Individual Defense Players, called IDP Leagues), and then each week during the NFL’s regular season you face off against another person in a head-to-head match-up.Your team earns points based on your players’ performances in the real NFL games. If you outscore your opponent, you win, its that simple!


IT’S ABOUT TO GO DOWN!!! If you are the seasoned veteran Fantasy Footballer, then you already know the basics to success! This article is all about refreshing those tips and hints and giving you just want you want and need to dominate your 2013 Fantasy Drafts and Leagues!


  • Pre-Draft : Strategy, Rankings and Cheat-Sheets!

First and foremost, know your leagues roster setup and scoring style.

Make sure you do your homework! If you don’t print out rankings, projections or cheat-sheets, I guarantee you will NOT have a competitive Fantasy team.

There are no bad Fantasy owners EXCEPT the ones who don’t take the time to try.

Take time to evaluate players and select your targets before your league’s draft.

Come up with your own rankings and strategy ahead of time so your not rushing around last second.

Don’t worry about straying off your strategy from time to time, but try to stick with your original plan.

No matter how many “expert” opinions you may hear or read, the bottom line is that it is YOUR team! It’s all up to you, so my suggestion is to value the players as you see fit in your rankings. Those “experts” aren’t always right, believe me.


  • Draft Strategies

Depending on where you are picking in the 1st-Round, will dictate as to who you will get to target? Will you go with an elite Quarterback, Running Back or Wide Receiver?

Some feel the need to grab a Top 4-Elite Quarterback such as (Brees, Rodgers, P.Manning or Brady) with the league converting to a passing game over the past 5 years each of the listed QB’s above (accept P.Manning) have produced at least 32 touchdowns in last 3 years straight. Heading into 2013, the depth at QB is amazing. Plenty of potential if you draft one early, mid-rounds even late-rounds.

You should expect to see team owners drafting Running Backs early with the mentality that they are a “must have” in the early rounds due to having so few weekly consistent point producers such as (A.Peterson, A.Foster, M.Lynch or R.Rice) with the next 7 to 8 able to challenge for the Top 10 spots.

With a select class of elite fantasy Wide Receivers, how many do you want to make sure you draft? With (Calvin Johnson) a sure bet to get drafted at the end of Round 1 and into Round 2, will you be the team owner building around a weekly point producer such as Megatron?

With so much depth at the Tight End position, do you want to draft an elite and healthy one such as (J.Graham or T.Gonzalez) early? Or will you wait till mid-rounds to draft the potential bounce back players like (V.Davis, A.Gates or F.Davis) OR will you be the team owner waiting until the later rounds to hope to cash in on sleepers such as (B.Myers, G.Olsen, J.Finley).

All of these are important questions that you must take into account before and while your drafting.


  • Mid-Draft: Late Round Gambling

Taking chances and risks in the early rounds is a recipe for disaster! Taking them in the late rounds is a recipe for success. If your drafting veterans in late rounds that have virtually no upside, you aren’t doing yourself any favors. Gamble on Rookie Running Backs along with 2nd-Year Wide Receivers and 3rdYear Wide Receivers that have the potential to produce in the later rounds is the way to go.

There are no bad upside picks in the late rounds because if they don’t pan out, they are expendable and it’s to the Waiver Wire you go! Don’t be afraid to take chances late in your draft, Rookies make great gambles but know when to gamble. Some owners tend to reach to early, know how to value players correctly will allow you to maximize your draft ability!


  • Pre-season: What to watch and what not to!

The key things to watch for in training camp and the preseason are injuries, holdouts and who is stepping into a larger role in their team’s offense. Teams are very often vague about players’ injuries in the preseason, so monitor a player’s progress when recovering from an early injury and players coming into training camp recovering from last year’s problems.

Often times, those huge performances we see in pre-season are coming against second string defenses and players who will not make their team’s rosters so Fantasy owners should be wary of pre-season game stats.


  • In-season team management:  Waiver-Wire HOT Picks!

Ok, so your draft went great! Know that it’s always worth checking the Waiver Wire, taking notes on players that you think will produce or would like to see produce through 2013.

The Waiver Wire/Free Agent pool can be a treasure chest loaded with hidden gems if you know where to look. Injuries and depth chart adjustments can turn a player with no value but a ton of upside into serious fantasy asset quickly. Here’s a few players from just last year that were Waiver Wire hidden gems turned into weekly fantasy point producers (Russel Wilson, Colin Kaepernick, Carson Palmer, Knowshown Moreno, Marcel Reece, Andre Brown, Mikel LeShoure, Cecil Shorts, James Jones, Randall Cobb, Danario Alexander, Michael Crabtree, Dennis Pitta, Kyle Rudolph, Brandon Myers and many more) just to run off a few names plucked from the Waiver Wire in 2013.

Keep tabs on the top performers from the previous week. If they ARE worth a pick-up, do not be afraid!


  • In-season team management: Bye Weeks and Injuries

The number one rule in Fantasy Football is that you never start a player on a bye week. Fantasy owners need to be aware of when they are, and have a replacement ready to fill in.

Same thing goes with injuries; if a player is unlikely to play he will be listed as (Questionable, Doubtful or a Game-time Decision) the likelihood of him playing and being productive is slim. It’s better to bench him for a healthy option unless your 100% the injured player is sure to play.

One tricky aspect of Fantasy Football is when it comes to injuries and the late west coast games. If a player is a Questionable/Doubtful/Game-time Decision and playing in the later games of the day, you are better off benching him in favor of a healthier option. Nothing worse then finding out just five minutes before the late game that your player is out, leaving you 1 player down that week.


  • In season management: Trading: Buy Low, Sell High

If you know anything about the stock market, you are aware of the basic philosophy: Buy low, sell high!

When is the right time to buy when you are talking about fantasy players? The right time is when you see a player is being undervalued. If the player is truly better than his current value, his “stock” will eventually rise and reflect his true value. When looking to trade, identify players who are undervalued, and that you believe can turn it around to help your fantasy squad.

When is the right time to sell? The right time to sell is when a player’s value is at its peak (especially if they are overachieving). Knowing how to temper your expectations are key. Putting too much faith or value into a player could force a team owner to “stash” so player on their team for too long. You have to be realistic when making trade offers but always trying to trade from an advantage point.


Hopefully some of these tips help you and your teams. Remember that Fantasy Football is ALL luck. But FantasyFootball101 and’s main objection is to put YOU (the team owner) in the best possible position to succeed year after year. Best of luck to all you team owners this year and remember TO ALWAYS YELL LOUDER THEN THE OTHER GUY or GIRL!!

About Jonathan Nardone, Twitter Handle: @JNardone87 (194 Articles)
Originally from sunny South Florida, I have been involved in Fantasy Football since I was just a wee-lad, going on 14 years this season. In February of 2013, I was accepted to the Fantasy Sports Writers Association for providing detailed insight and accurate projections. I am extremely excited to be covering league news, bringing you detailed player profiles, weekly insight on who to add, who to drop, who’s hot and who’s not!
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