The Top NFL Fantasy Football Free Agents Available
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The Top NFL Fantasy Football Free Agents Available

Every now and then it’s good to just take a look at who’s available in your fantasy football free agent pool. And just like in your leagues, it’s good to take a gander at the actual NFL free agent list to see who’s swimming around. Sometimes the names could surprise you. It’s a long offseason and you could be unaware of some of these players being released. Or maybe not. Maybe you’re on top of everything that goes on in the NFL and you could care less about this list.

In that case, move along. We thank you for your click!

But be sure to come back soon and visit. Now onto my list of the Top NFL Fantasy Football Free Agents Available at the time of this writing.


Quarterbacks:  You can really skip this position. I only include it because I feel that it’s necessary to alert our readers to the dire situation your team faces if they have to go to this puddle of names. And just so you know, I hear Jamarcus Russell has lost a ton of weight! I’m all-in for a project player…

1. JaMarcus Russell

2. Vince Young

3. Tyler Thigpen

4. Matt Leinart

5. Troy Smith


Running Backs:  Don’t get too excited, this list could start and end with Willis McGahee. I honestly don’t like anyone else available but here are my top 5 available running backs.

1. Willis McGahee

2. Beanie Wells

3. Michael Turner

4. Tim Hightower

5. Peyton Hillis


Wide Receivers:  Based purely on need and probability, two of the top receivers are guys that the Patriots have on speed dial, while one other previously played in New England.

1. Brandon Lloyd

2. Laurent Robinson

3. Austin Collie

4. Jabar Gaffney

5. Deion Branch


Tight Ends:  I debated whether to include newly charged Aaron Hernandez but thought, it’s the “right thing” to leave him off.

1. Dallas Clark

2. Will Heller

3. Randy McMichael

4. Visanthe Shiancoe

5. Jeremy Shockey


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