Chargers Running Back Ryan Mathews Arrested Overnight

Chargers Running Back Ryan Mathews Arrested Overnight

The is reporting that San Diego Chargers running back, Ryan Mathews, was arrested Sunday night after a fight outside a night club. They are reporting that Mathews may have knocked a guy “out cold.” If true, it could be the beginning of the end for Mathews in San Diego.

That may be a stretch to say his time is up, but I don’t think so. He’s had a few years to prove himself and hasn’t even come close to the expectations everyone had for him coming out of Fresno State. No one should be shocked if the Chargers cut him loose if the allegations are true. NFL teams are not going to tolerate this kind of behavior from its players. And it’s worth noting, new San Diego head coach Mike McCoy was the offensive coordinator for the Bronco’s the past two seasons and his former starting RB, Willis McGahee, is on the market. Could we see a signing soon?

Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Per the Union-Tribune, the report of Mathews getting arrested is false. But the damage may have been done as twitter and other sources, such as ourselves, jumped to get the story out. Mathews is one of those players that may not get a fair shot if he continues to play in San Diego. He may need a fresh beginning elsewhere to get his career back on the right path.

For fun, here are a couple of my favorite Mathews tweets!


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