Your 2013 NFL Supplemental Draft Nominees Are...

Your 2013 NFL Supplemental Draft Nominees Are…

Every year the NFL trots out a second draft that most fans have no idea even existed. It is called the NFL Supplemental Draft and it usually doesn’t amount to much but last season the Browns selected WR Josh Gordon in the second round. That pick meant the Browns forfeited their second round pick to the 2013 NFL Draft. Gordon went on to be one of the better rookie receivers in his first year and is thought of as a receiver to watch in fantasy football circles. If it wasn’t for his suspension for drug use, he would have been one of the better WR3’s to have in deep leagues.

In 2011 the Oakland Raiders were the only team to use the supplemental draft and took former Ohio State QB, Terrelle Pryor. In 2010 two players were selected, both in the seventh round. The Chicago Bears selected RB Harvey Unga and the Dallas Cowboys selected DT Josh Brent.

In total, all four players selected in the past 3 supplemental drafts are still in the NFL. That’s a pretty good track record.

This year, there are six players eligible for the 2013 NFL Supplemental Draft:

   WR Dewayne Peace, Houston

   WR O.J. Ross, Purdue

   DB Damond Smith, South Alabama

   DE James Boyd, UNLV

   DT Nate Holloway, UNLV

   DE Toby Jackson, Central Florida

And since this is a fantasy related website, we are mostly concerned with the two wide receivers. And of the two eligible players, DeWayne Peece is the most likely of the two to be drafted. But honestly, I don’t think either will be. I can’t see a team using one of their 2014 picks on either receiver. Peace while a decent possession receiver doesn’t have the blazing speed or great size that would make a team take a chance on him. And his track record of schools and academic ineligibility are already reason enough to let him go to the undrafted free agent list.

The most athletic player of the six is arguably James Boyd out of UNLV. In my opinion, he’s the one player most likely to get a late round pick.

The draft starts on Thursday at 1pm and will be done electronically via email between the teams.


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