Top 9 Fantasy Quarterback Monographs! Aaron Rodgers

Top 9 Fantasy Quarterback Monographs! Aaron Rodgers

  •     Top 9 Fantasy Quarterback Monographs!

Monograph – A highly detailed and thoroughly documented study or paper written about a limited area of a subject or field of inquiry.

2. Aaron Rodgers, GB (4) In 2012 Rodgers was the “safe” pick to take in Round 1. This year he’s still that guy, but you could get lucky and be able to find him in Round 2 as a steal. Rodgers production took a small dip last year, most notably his yards per pass attempt dropped by about a yard and a half but he still finished as the 2nd-best QB in Standard leagues and had an incredible 8 games with at least 30 Fantasy points (no QB had more) but he also had some weak outings, recording 5 games with 16 or fewer points in 2012. As mentioned above, Rodgers most notably production dip was in his yards per pass attempt has he had averaged over 8.2 yards per pass in each of the 3 years prior to 2012 including 9.2 yards per attempt in 2011. In 2012 Aaron dipped to 7.8 yards per attempt which dropped him close to 400 yards short from the prior 4,643 yards passing in 2011 which he averaged over 9.2 yards per pass. The Packers have one of the best receiving corp trios in the league only behind Atlanta and Denver, giving Rodgers plenty of potential for success and confidence.

Drew Brees was the only QB more consistent that ended up producing more Fantasy points last year then Rodgers, he is someone worth considering over Rodgers and there are a large number of RBs considered too valuable to pass on in Round 1. Owners could expect Rodgers to be available with a late-1st round/ early 2nd-round pick, a heck of a bargain considering where he went a year ago.

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