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Top 9 Fantasy Quarterback Monographs! Matthew Stafford

  • Top 9 Fantasy Quarterback Monographs!

Monograph – A highly detailed and thoroughly documented study or paper written about a limited area of a subject or field of inquiry.

7. Matthew Stafford, DET (9) A slow start and a strange end-zone disconnect with WR Calvin Johnson showed in QB Matthew Stafford’s poor touchdown numbers last season. But it doesn’t mean you should be scared to draft him. Stafford threw an NFL-record 727 pass attempts last year, completing 59.8 percent of his passes for 4,967 yards (6.83 yards per throw), adding 20 passing touchdowns, 4 rushing touchdowns to go with 17 interceptions. In back-to-back healthy seasons, Stafford has surpassed 4,900 yards passing and has proved to be a top option with potential to push for Top 3-5 overall.

Strange things happened all season for Stafford and Johnson. Megatron for instance tripped, fell or was tackled 13 times inside the 5-yard line. Read that again, Megatron tripped, fell down or was tackled 13 times inside the 5-yard line. Easily could of added 13 on top of Stafford 20 passing touchdowns, the 33 with 4,967 yards passing would of placed Stafford 4th or 5th in fantasy points amongst Quarterbacks in standard formats. Stafford finished with just 7 games over 20 Fantasy points, making him a quasi-bust based on his 2nd-Round average draft position. He was only able to produce 7 games with multiple touchdowns (passing and rushing) and is a top Bounce Back Bust candidate in 2013. The good news is that he’ll remain in the Lions’ aggressive offense and his receiving corps should come back strong. The better news is that he’ll be available even later in drafts this year than last, making him a nice bargain choice. Stafford should get attention starting in Round 4 as a Top-10 Fantasy QB.

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