Top 9 Fantasy Quarterback Monographs!

Top 9 Fantasy Quarterback Monographs! Drew Brees

  •     Top 9 Fantasy Quarterback Monographs!

Monograph – A highly detailed and thoroughly documented study or paper written about a limited area of a subject or field of inquiry.

1. Drew Brees, NO (7)  has missed just 1 game since arriving in New Orleans and has attempted more than 650 passes in each of his past 3 seasons. Brees has been able to produce at least 1 passing touchdown in 48 straight games as well as recording multiple (2+) touchdowns in 13 of 16 2012 regular season starts and has managed to record multiple (2+) touchdowns in 40 his last 48 games! Brees has been atop of the leader board in passing yards in each of the past 5 years as he has recorded at least 4,400+ passing yards in 6 of his last 7 seasons including 3 – 5,000+ passing yard seasons. When you shop for a Fantasy QB, Brees gives you everything you could possibly want in terms of production and consistency. In 2012 he produced 11 games with at least 290+ yards passing and over the past 32 games he has been able to record 20+ standard fantasy points in 25 games, more then any other QB.

Because of the influx of potential starting Quarterbacks,  you can expect Brees to fall late in the 1st-Round even into Round 2 with team owners scrambling to grab Running Backs early. Don’t hesitate to take him then knowing just how effective he will be. The plus side in drafting Brees is that you won’t need to draft a backup/No.2 until much later rounds.


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