The Most Forgotten Man in Fantasy Football:

The Most Forgotten Man in Fantasy Football:


The Most Forgotten Man in Fantasy Football

I’ve done my fair share of mock drafts heading into this season and it always baffles me how some guys fall through the cracks and end up available much later then they should be. Now I realize sometimes this is due to the depth of a certain position, as I believe that is the case with Quarterbacks this year. But sometimes it’s due to pure stubbornness or us as fantasy owners always wanting to find the next big thing and ignoring what’s right in front of us.

Without mentioning any names yet, I would like to start out by asking a couple questions. Where would you feel comfortable drafting a wide receiver that’s on a team who just set a franchise record for total yards in a season? Has caught 23 touchdowns his first 3 seasons in the league? And also has a talented wide receiver across from him but no one else who’s a real threat to steal targets? Oh, and one more thing before you answer … In 2 out of his first 3 years in the league he’s finished the season ranked inside the top 18 scoring wide receiver in fantasy football. He’s being drafted as a top 20 wide receiver, right? No… Ok, well at the very least you’d be taking him in the WR 24-28 range, right? Still no… Wow… The wide receiver I’m talking about is currently being taken in the WR 37-40 range according to ADP I collected from 4 main fantasy sites (FFcalculator, MFL, ESPN, Yahoo). Geez… A young, proven wide receiver on an explosive offense lasting that long in the draft… He must be hurt? Wrong again.

The man I am talking about is none other than Mike Williams from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Williams is going into his 4th year in the NFL and during that span has 2 near 1,000 yard seasons & has caught more touchdowns passes than the likes of Larry Fitzgerald, Vincent Jackson, Brandon Marshall and Reggie Wayne. Williams was undervalued going into last season also because the Buccaneers went out and signed Vincent Jackson, but that signing only helped Williams in my opinion as he still saw 127 targets (good for 20th in the league) come his way and benefited from not being the focal point of opposing defenses. As I mentioned previously Williams is currently being drafted in the WR 37-40 range which has him available in the 8th and even into the 9th round of most drafts.

I am in no way telling you that you should go out and draft Williams over some of the players I mentioned above or even comparing him to them. Just making sure you know his body of work so you don’t forget about him come draft day. With no key off season acquisitions to shake up his number of targets, I see no reason why Williams shouldn’t be in for another top 20 season.  He’s shown he can be a WR2 starter in fantasy football and is being drafted in the WR4 range.  For those of us who consistently target him later on in drafts, enjoy it while it last.

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