Don't be "That Guy" during your live draft
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Don’t be “That Guy” during your live draft


Don’t Be “That Guy”

-Tips for having a successful live draft experience

Draft day for fantasy football owners is like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year’s Day all rolled together for one super holiday.  The draft day experience is even better if your league has a live draft.  When I say live draft, I don’t mean a time when each league owner gets online and conducts the draft from the privacy of their own home.  When I say live draft, I mean the entire league meets at someone’s house or a local bar to conduct the draft.  If you have never had an in-person draft experience, I highly recommend you try it for your league.

While the live draft is a better experience than an on-line draft, it can turn into a nightmare if you become “That Guy” during the draft.  According to Urban Dictionary the term “That Guy” is a generalization of the people who do stupid or reckless actions. Typically it is someone that no one wants to be like.  

Let’s be honest, all of us at some point in our life have been “That Guy”.  They are usually events that we don’t talk about much because of the shame that is involved.  This article is going to highlight some situations that can occur during the draft that turn you into “That Guy”.  If you become “That Guy” during a live draft, you will hear about it during the entire football season, probably until the next draft, or if you did something really stupid, for the REST OF YOUR LIFE!   


Don’t know the league scoring rules and roster settings

-The value of players can really fluctuate based on the scoring rules and roster settings of your league.  Even if you are returning to the same league, make sure you are aware of any league and scoring rules that have changed. Begin working on your player rankings once you have a good understanding of the league settings.  For examples: Darren Sproles and Reggie Bush are much more valuable in a PPR league than a standard scoring league.  Plus, running quarterbacks, like RGIII, are even more valuable when rushing touchdowns count for six points and passing touchdowns only count for four points.

 Don’t bring money for league entry fee

-Anyone who has ever been commissioner of a league knows how frustrating it is to have to track down money from league owners.  It is also annoying to other owners who paid because everyone thinks they are going to win the league on draft day.  And you not paying on time means stealing money from the pot for their winning team.  Make sure you know how much the entry fee is for the league and bring that amount with you.

 Don’t just bring a fantasy football magazine to help you during the draft

-Most fantasy football magazines are printed in April or May, which is before all free agents have signed with their new teams.  They don’t account for any injuries that have occurred during training camp or preseason games.  Relying only on a magazine could lead you to drafting an injured player or someone not currently on an NFL team.  This will inevitably lead to ‘That Guy’ drafting Jeremy Maclin in the seventh round this year.  Find a trusted website, like the, and print off an updated rankings sheet to use during the draft.

Don’t try to draft a player 2 rounds after he was already drafted

-If you want to be the butt of most jokes during a live draft, this is the way to do it. Nothing is more annoying during a draft than to have someone announce that they are picking a player who has already been drafted.  It is especially bad it this happens during the first 5 rounds of the draft.  It is also bad to ask if player x has already been drafted.  No matter how lucky you think you’re getting, Trent Richardson will NOT be sitting there, ripe for the picking, in the fourth round.  Make sure to keep track of all the picks as they happen.  It is really beneficial to pay attention to the rosters of the other teams.  If you see that most teams already have a starting QB, then you can wait a round to get your first QB.  Knowing the other rosters allows you to have an idea of the needs of each team, which can help you stay ahead of position runs.

Don’t draft your sleeper pick too early

-Everyone has a player or two that they consider a “sleeper”, or someoe who is going to be the steal of the draft.  While it is a great strategy to have these players, it is a huge mistake to take your hidden gem several rounds too early.  Make sure you know the average draft position of your “sleepers”.  If it is a player you really want and they typically go in round 10 or 11, try to draft them in round 8 to be sure you get that player.  Don’t use a 5th round pick on a player you could get three rounds later.  This will undoubtedly lead to the comedians in your league saying, “Hold on, I don’t see him in the Top 100 of my draft sheet… I have to flip over to page 2 where all the scrubs are.” 

 Don’t ask other owners for suggestions during your picks

-It shows a lack of confidence, lack of knowledge, and a lack of common sense.  The other owners are trying to win the league and aren’t going to give you the best advice.  Plus if you ask once, you will get suggestions on all of your picks for the rest of the draft.  Draft day is stressful enough without half they league telling you who to take with each pick.  The only advice you should be asking is if the girl sitting two tables over would be willing to date you in your Tim Tebow jersey.

 Don’t be the first person to draft a kicker

-Even though kickers are typically drafted in the last one or two rounds, there is usually someone who takes a kicker from a high-powered offense in round 11 or 12.  There really isn’t much difference between the top kicker in the league and the 12th best kicker.  Moreover, kicker performance tends to vary significantly from year to year.  Typically, nearly half of the kickers who wind up finishing in the top 10 in scoring are picked up off waiver wire or free agency. 

Don’t be the guy who drinks too much

-This applies to most situations in life.  Not only do you have a chance to embarrass yourself in front of friends and family, but you will also have a constant reminder of your stupidity every time you look at your fantasy team.  Just because Jay Cutler seems like he would be a good drinking buddy, it doesn’t mean that he should be your first and only quarterback.  A live draft is a fun event, but having solid fantasy team will last the entire football season.  If you really want to get drunk during the live draft, wait until after your last pick and then go crazy.  Just make sure you have a sober friend drive you home.


3 Comments on Don’t be “That Guy” during your live draft

  1. Great read guys! I’m looking forward to draft day and seeing THAT GUY.

  2. Great job Ryan, can’t wait to get more of your wisdom through the stock report!

  3. Roger Nelson // August 7, 2013 at 2:36 pm // Reply

    Ryan, I wish I would have known this when I first started playing fantasy football. I was “that guy” because I was too lazy to do the research before the draft. As a result I played fantasy football for 2 years before giving it up for a league when we picked all the games against the spread. It’s still fun without all of the work. Roger Nelson

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