Packers' Jordy Nelson Out 6-8 Weeks w/ Nerve Irritation in Knee |

Packers’ Jordy Nelson Out 6-8 Weeks w/ Nerve Irritation in Knee

According to Jason Wilde of ESPN Wisconsin, Green Bay Packers WR Jordy Nelson will be out 4-6 weeks following surgery to repair a chronic nerve irritation in his knee:


What do we make of Nelson’s chances of playing in Week 1 against San Francisco?? As of now, all signs point to him being ready, especially considering the 4-6 wee timeline takes us right up to the start of the season. Based on reports that I’ve seen thus far, there’s nothing to indicate that we should stray from that timeframe. We’ll know much more about his progress once he hits the 3 week mark, which is when he should begin ramping up to sport-specific activities. His response to more dynamic and aggressive activity will give us a lot of insight about how that knee will hold up.

One thing to keep in mind with Nelson is that this is a chronic issue that he’s dealt with for years, possibly going back 6-7 years. He initially suffered an injury to his Posterior Cruciate Ligament in said knee, which is typically not treated surgically as the normal protocol is to allow the ligament to scar down and heal on its own. However, our bodies can sometimes lay down too much scar tissue and other areas around the joint could develop adhesions. Now this is purely speculation, but it appears this is what has happened in Nelson’ case, with scar tissue laying down and irritating one of the nerves on the posterior aspect of the knee. This scarring down affects a nerve’s ability to slide and glide, causing irritation due to repetitive micro trauma.

On the one hand, he’s clearly shown he can play through symptoms related to this condition as he’s been doing it for years. However, the fact that he felt the need to have the surgery now, so close to the start of the season, makes me wonder how serious his symptoms have gotten. Either way, any time you’re dealing with nerves, you have to tread lightly. Nerves are typically considered the slowest healing tissue in the body, with some saying that the healing rate is approximately 1 mm per day. Combine this with the chronicity of his condition and we’re talking about a rehab process that could potentially be anything but typical.

FANTASY EFFECT: This type of injury should not significantly affect Nelson’ value. Regardless of whether he starts Week 1 or sits out 1-2 weeks, he’s still arguably the #1 WR for a team quarterbacked by Aaron Rodgers, so if there is any drop in Nelson’s value and you have the opportunity to snag him, by all means don’t let him go. Nelson will still maintain his high tier value and should make you a happy camper by season’s end.

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