Plaxico Burress Career Most Likely Over |

Plaxico Burress Career Most Likely Over


Plaxico Burress, who was in the Pittsburgh Steelers training camp attempting to make the squad as a fourth or fifth receiver is now most likely going to be on the unemployment line as he has probably torn his rotator cuff and in turn could call it a career. The injury which was suffered during Thursday’s practice at the very least is probably season-ending.

Tunnel Vision: The former Michigan State star has spent 11 seasons in the NFL, primarily with the New York Giants and Steelers and was not a threat to be much of a fantasy football option except for in the very deepest of leagues. His knack, which was always finding the end zone, was his only true quality in recent years. You can leave Burress go undrafted and he most likely won’t have any type of impact at any point this season. 

If this is truly his swan song, he will have finished with 64 career touchdowns and 8,499 reception yards. 


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