Done Deal, Michael Vick Named Eagles Starter

Done Deal, Michael Vick Named Eagles Starter

After performing well in training camp and then excelling in limited action during the first two preseason games, Michael Vick has been named the starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, beating out Nick Foles. Currently ranked 16th just ahead of Sam Bradford and just below Josh Freeman, I don’t know if there is a better gamble in football at this moment. With the QB stable so deep this year, Vick could be the kind of player to get you a championship. Of course he’s also the kind of player that could be destroyed on the football field and be done for weeks at a time. Just make sure to pair him up with a decent backup like Freeman.

Call me crazy, but I could be rethinking my draft strategy based on taking a chance with Vick in late rounds while stock piling depth at WR and RB. Granted I would only entertain this idea in 10 and 12 team leagues. In deeper leagues of 14 and 16 teams, I believe it is imperative to have a fantasy franchise QB like Rodgers, Brady and Brees.


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