Pittsburgh Steelers' rookie running back Le'Veon Bell left tonight's preseason contest against the Washington Redskins with a sprained right foot.

Le’Veon Bell Leaves Steelers Preseason Game with Right Mid Foot Sprain, MRI Tuesday

Talk about a quick debut, huh? Pittsburgh Steelers‘ rookie running back Le’Veon Bell left tonight’s preseason contest against the Washington Redskins with a sprained right footAfter the game, head coach Mike Tomlin told reporters that Bell had suffered a “mid-foot injury” and would undergo an MRI on Tuesday, reported by Mike Prisuta:




What does this mean for Bell moving forward? It’s impossible to say exactly what a “mid-foot injury” really means. It could mean something as simple as a slight overstretch of one or more of the ligaments of the mid-foot, which causes inflammation and is associated with a decent amount of pain. The concern that many have hearing this vague diagnosis is the potential for a Lisfranc injury, which could mean anything from a fractured bone to cartilage damage to torn ligaments. It’s hard to say without the luxury of imaging, which will give the Steelers medical staff a good amount of information.

Best case scenario would be taking a week off, letting the inflammation/swelling (if present) go down and seeing how he responds, which wouldn’t cost him any regular season time. However, worst case scenario would be a moderate to severe Lisfranc injury, which could put Bell out for an extended period of time (possibly 3-4 months or more if surgery is required).

Now, now, now, let’s relax for a second before we jump to conclusions. We don’t know any information yet other than the location of the injury. More information will come out this week, which will clear things up very quickly. With Bell already dealing with a left knee injury to add to the mix, it’s been a tumultuous start for the second round draft pick. Make a play for a guy like Jonathan Dwyer, who received the rest of the 1st team snaps after bell left the game, as a fill-in and potential starting back if Bell has to miss some time. Otherwise, sit tight and wait it out when we have more information.

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