Victor Cruz Sporting Crutches and Walking Boot for Bruised Heel, Week 1 in Doubt? |

Victor Cruz Sporting Crutches and Walking Boot for Bruised Heel, Week 1 in Doubt?


New York Giantsstar WR Victor Cruz left Saturday’s preseason game with a bruised heel, which was deemed a precaution since it is still the preseason. X-rays were done and came back negative, which seemed to alleviate everyone’s concerns.

However, Cruz was spotted wearing a book on the troublesome heel and walking around with crutches. Initial reports states this this is just a precaution again in effort to let the swelling go down and mitigate pain, although it really isn’t a great sign to see your WR1 rocking a boot 3 weeks before the season begins.

There are no indications that this is anything more than just a precaution, as bone bruises to a high contact area like the heel can be slow to heal, which is maybe why the Giants are being proactive and taking the pressure off the area. It’s impossible to walk properly without contacting at the heel first, so in order to maintain his gait mechanics and not let him develop any compensations, this appears to be the right move.

These types of injuries can linger, so hopefully the 3 weeks is sufficient enough time for him to rest and let the swelling, inflammation, and pain decrease. All three should improve in the coming weeks, so the expectation at this point should be that he’s ready to go Week 1. If he can get back on the field the week before the season starts and run without pain or compensation, he should be just fine moving forward. This doesn’t appear to be serious, so draft him as you normally would.

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