Best Fantasy Football Team Names For 2013 Part Two

Best Fantasy Football Team Names For 2013 Part Two

Our very own Jason Davis did such a great job compiling some of his favorite Fantasy Football Team Names around the interweb that we had to get a Part Two out! And with the general public being so damn funny, there are newer and more clever names all the time.

Here is a list of some of my (The Fantasy Football Junkie) favorites and a couple that I made up! Let us know which one you liked the most and if you think they are all terrible, inform us on your amazing name! 

The Obligatory Aaron Hernandez Section:

1. Hernandez’ Pistol Offense

2. Caught Red Hernandez

3. Aaron MurderMyFriendez (my personal fav)


My Favorites On The Web:

1. My Vick In The Box (Michael Vick)

2. Cooper Clux Clan (Riley Cooper)

3. Geno Cologists (Geno Smith)

4. Kibbles n’ Vicks (Michael Vick)

5. Cleveland Steamers (classic)

6. Prestige Worldwide (from the movie Step Brothers)

7. Bayside Tigers (from Saved By The Bell)

8. Geno 911! (Geno Smith)

9. Mingo Unchained (Barkevious Mingo)

10. Mingo Ate My Baby (Barkevious Mingo)

11. Carlos Danger (nickname for Anthony Weiner sexting scandal)

12. Zach Studfeld (Zach Sudfeld)

13. All Hands On Decker (Eric Decker)


Some Of My Very Own Made Up Names:

1. Britt It And Quit It (Kenny Britt)

2. Eskimo Brothers (from The League)

3. Montee Python and the Holy Ball (Montee Ball)

4. Is Your Dwyer Running? (Jonathan Dwyer)

5. Golden Tate’s Showers (Golden Tate)

6. iJacquizz (Jacquizz Rodgers)

7. 1-800-HARTLINE (Brian Hartline)

8. The Eifert Tower (Tyler Eifert)

9. May The Forsett Be With You (Justin Forsett)

10. Elementary My Ben Watson (Ben Watson)


And we are done! Don’t forget to tell us below whether these are worth using or whether we should just get back to our day jobs of writing and ranking fantasy football. It’s not gonna hurt my feelings…


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  • Robert

    Mine is “Momma, Isaiah Pead on hisself”

  • whawha

    Clowning Like Clowney

  • LEE


  • Jason D.

    Kuechly for Cocoa Puffs

    • Fantasy Football Junkie

      I like it Jason!

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