Kevin Kolb's Concussion, A Career Ender?

Kolb’s Concussion, A Career Ender?

The Buffalo Bills were supposed to be on the right track. They brought in Kevin Kolb before the draft and got the guy they liked to eventually take over the QB position in E.J. Manuel. Now after three weeks of the preseason, they are nowhere close to being on the right track.

In the third preseason game against the Redskins, Kevin Kolb suffered a concussion while sliding for a first down. He got a knee from the defender while trying to avoid contact. While Kolb stayed out on the field for the next four plays, he then exited to the locker rooms with concussion like symptoms. This is at least the third severe concussion for Kolb who missed games in 2010 and 2012 because of them. A trend that is likely to worry not only the Bills but most importantly Kolb. The game of football is great but with more and more attention on head injuries, this should make him consider stepping away. All of these injuries have affected the Bills odds with sites like bwin who back them as underdogs when they take on the New England Patriots on the 9th.

And for E.J. Manuel, the future is brighter but he did just have what is being described as a small procedure on his left knee a week ago. The Bills will not risk their future franchise QB and will let him heal completely before throwing him back on the field.

In the meantime, the Bills have brought in two QB’s to help stem the tide in camp, Matt Leinart and Thaddeus Lewis. Leinart had not been in any football camp this year and was with the Oakland Raiders in 2012. Lewis was playing in the Detroit Lions camp, and while the Lions did like Lewis, he was 4th on the depth chart behind Stafford, Shaun Hill and Kellen Moore.


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