FFLockerRoom Staff Fantasy Football League Commentary: Rounds 1 and 2

FFLockerRoom Staff Fantasy Football League Commentary: Rounds 1 and 2

Wow, what a crazy year the FFLockerRoom has had! We just officially turned ONE!

Yea… applause… pats-on-the-back all around!

But who cares, right? It’s time to start getting into fantasy football! And I mean DEEP into it…

We actually have enough writers on staff currently to fill up a twelve team league. It’s a PPR league that we are smack-dab right in the middle of.  If you want to see how the draft is shaping up, please visit the page HERE.

For now, we offer some commentary from Chris ZizaTom Schriner and Josh Johnson on the first couple of rounds.

12 Teams | PPR | 4 Pt Thrown TDs | Snake Draft | Slow Draft


1.1  Adrian Peterson – Nate Wenneker

1.2  Jamaal Charles – Bryan Hadley

1.3  Doug Martin – Jonathan Nardone

1.4  C.J. Spiller – Chris Ziza

1.5  Calvin Johnson – Josh Johnson

1.6  Arian Foster – Dan Gilman

1.7  Marshawn Lynch – Brandon Berg

1.8  Trent Richardson – Jason Davis

1.9  Ray Rice – Ziad Dahdul

1.10  LeSean McCoy – Jon Stulberg

1.11  Matt Forte – Ryan Setterlof

1.12  Steven Jackson – Tom Schriner


Who had the toughest decision?

Chris – I wouldn’t say that any decision in the first round is tough as you are going to get a great player no matter what. But the position that I wouldn’t want to be in is the first few picks. I mean honestly, I’d rather be sitting at the end of the first round and nabbing the 12th and 13th picks in the draft.

I would have to say the toughest decision was had by Drink a Forte who opted for Jamaal Charles despite Charles’ history of nagging injuries. To have to decide between him, Doug Martin, C.J. Spiller and Calvin Johnson, now that is tough. That is why I am very happy that the earliest pick that I have had to draft at this year is the 1:03 spot.

Tom – I think the toughest spot to draft this year is second. Not only do you get to miss out on Adrian Peterson, but you get stuck with the “better choose the right guy” pick. Not that you could go wrong with any of the available players but there are a handful of guys to choose from that all have some flaw against them. Jamaal Charles is a fine running back that could be the #1 player this season but he just doesn’t give his owners the same confidence that AP does. And neither would Spiller, Foster, Lynch or Martin for that matter.

Josh – Bryan Hadley at pick number 2. I like Charles but I don’t love him. If I was forced to pick a RB in the first round I would have taken Alfred Morris.


Which player has the biggest potential to be a bust?

Chris – When looking at a potential bust in the first round, it usually would be due to an injury rather than anything else. But this first round has a few people who I view as “potential” busts. Trent Richardson‘s health is a concern. So he is definitely on the list as is Arian Foster. But I am not psychic and quite frankly I am not going to predict injuries. What I can predict though is that Matt Forte to me was taken a tad early. With Michael Bush suiting up, he is a potential red zone thief. While I believe Forte will see an increase in receptions, he has never been much of a touchdown machine minus his 2008 rookie year. And with Bush in tow, I believe Forte is overvalued, thus turning into the bust of the first round.

Tom – For me, Trent Richardson has that potential. I was not a believer in him coming into his rookie season but boy did he change my mind after actually watching him run. I fell in love with the kid last year! But I still wouldn’t have taken him that high. His injury history does worry me some, just enough so, that I would have taken Rice and McCoy ahead of him. If anything, last season he proved that even with nagging injuries, he’s tough enough to stay on the field. And that is a characteristic I love in players I target.

Josh – C.J. Spiller. Spiller has never been the guy for a full season and that is reason enough to doubt him. He is a sexy pick this year and I like him but taking him in the first seems like a gamble.


Who got the best value?

Chris – When it comes to the best value, especially in the first round, it really won’t factor into production. A first round pick BETTER produce. To me the best value comes into play when you get something rock solid and will most likely out produce his draft position with minimal risk. That my friends is Ray Rice. The Baltimore Ravens running back and shall I now say wide receiver has hit double-digit touchdowns in each of his last two seasons, is a yardage whore and had a 137 total receptions in 2011 and 2012 combined. And he is supposed to see an increase this season! The presence of Bernard Pierce has some fantasy owners ready, but I personally am loving Rice as a top-5 RB this season in PPR leagues. LOVING HIM!!!

Tom – No question, the best value at this point in the year went to Dan Gilman when he drafted Arian Foster at sixth overall. I know Foster is dealing with a back issue but no RB has been more consistent the past three seasons than Foster. He was a consensus top 3 pick and slid to 6th, that’s the definition of value.

Josh – Josh Johnson by taking Megatron. This is a PPR league right? Running backs are not king anymore.



2.1  Brandon Marshall – Tom

2.2  A.J. Green – Ryan Setterlof

2.3  Dez Bryant – Jon Stulberg

2.4 Alfred Morris – Ziad Dahdul

2.5  Jimmy Graham – Jason Davis

2.6  Maurice Jones-Drew – Brandon Berg

2.7  Stevan Ridley – Dan Gilman

2.8  Aaron Rodgers – Josh Johnson

2.9  Julio Jones – Chris Ziza

2.10  Drew Brees – Jonathan Nardone

2.11  Chris Johnson – Bryan Hadley

2.12  Demaryius Thomas – Nate Wenneker


Which of these players was the biggest reach in your opinion?

Chris – Ok, while I don’t like the Stevan Ridley pick this early, I can at least understand Dan’s thinking. I am sure his thought process was that with the subtraction of Wes Welker and Aaron Hernandez along with the inconsistent health issues with Danny Amendola, someone will need to put it into the red zone. So I honestly get it. So my attention goes to Josh and Jonathan who drafted Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees. This is a 4-point touchdown league giving quarterbacks significantly less value than if it were a heavy QB scoring league. I am not a fan of drafting quarterbacks that early, especially this season as the quarterback position is really deep.

Tom – That’s a tough call because at this stage of the draft, all of these guys are generally thought of as top players. But if I had to choose, which of course is I do to answer the question, I would go with Ridley. Mostly because I just don’t trust him. All the signs point to him having a great year with the turmoil surrounding the passing game but I just don’t trust him.

Josh – Alfred Morris. Matching his rookie total of 1,600 yards will be hard but I like his chances.


Were you scared to draft any of these players taken in round two?

Chris – Scared? Nah. But I wouldn’t have put Rodgers or Brees out there and Ridley to me isn’t worth that value. The one player I do like though, despite probably being drafted a half-round to a round too early is Maurice Jones-Drew. Kudos to Brandon on that one. With no competition in the Jacksonville Jaguars backfield and with it being a PPR league. Ya, I love that pick.

Tom – I’m still not sure why I hate the guy but Stevan Ridley just scares me. It’s not that I don’t think he’s a good player, which he is, but it’s a gut thing. Which in the end means diddly squat but it’s my gut and it’s telling me to stay away! So for that reason alone, I am pretty much avoiding Ridley this year.

Josh – Stevan Ridley. Why? The Shane Vereen engine is greased in every gear.


Where do you think MJD finishes in the rankings when 2013 is complete?

Chris – As I was just saying in the question before, I think Brandon possibly got one of the steals of this draft. When healthy and that really is a huge “when”, he is a PPR monster. He seems to have recovered from his injury of yesteryear and he has no one to challenge him in the backfield to steal his touchdowns. 40-50 receptions, 1,600+ all-purpose yards and double-digit touchdowns are all real possibilities. He will be a RB1, barring a set back with injury and probably will out perform most of the running backs taken in the first round.

Tom – I’m a huge fan of MJD. Not just because I’ve owned him in a deep keeper league for the past 6 seasons, but also because he is one of the biggest fantasy football nerds around. I believe with him knowing what is at stake this year for him personally, he goes out and has a monster year. Maybe not top 5 at the position but I see him being a top ten back in 2013.

Josh – Top 50 player, top 15 RB (11-14) and one more 1,000 yard season before he fades away.


Stay tuned for commentary on rounds three and four!


5 Comments on FFLockerRoom Staff Fantasy Football League Commentary: Rounds 1 and 2

  1. I went with Ridley due to the fact that he is the main back getting 20 or more touches a game and is key in red zone situations on a team that ran the ball in the top 10 in the NFL a year ago and needs to even more this year with their losses on offense. Ridley faced eight or more defenders in the box on 22.07 percent of his rushes last year and still succeeded with a top 10 season for running backs.

    • Dan, I don’t know what it is but I can’t seem to pull the trigger on Ridley in any draft this year. But I think you may be overstating his touches. He’s non existent in the passing game and only went over 20 carries six times in 2012.

      • I was more thinking of him as a 20 carry guy this season. I see Shane Vereen more as a change of pace, split out kind of guy. Plus, Ridley has been working hard in practice on receiving and has been part of those offensive sets with receiving plays out of the backfield. “I can do it as much as they want to put me out there,” Ridley said

  2. Ryan Setterlof // August 27, 2013 at 8:07 pm // Reply

    With the 11th pick in the first round, I was expecting most of the top tier backs to be gone. When it was my turn to pick, I had 5 players that I was considering with my first two picks. Two running backs, Forte and Jackson, and three wide receivers, Green, Marshall, and Bryant. Since I knew at least one of the WR’s would be there after Tom’s picks at the turn I had to choose between the top two backs on my draft sheet. They both put up similar stats (40-50 catches, 1500 total yards, less than 10 touchdowns), but Forte is 3 years younger and has less mileage on his tires. I see him having a year similar to his rookie year. I do hate Micheal Bush as a red zone vulture, but Forte could get more opportunities in the red zone this year. He has looked great this preseason!

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