FFLockerRoom Staff Fantasy Football League Commentary: Rounds 3 and 4

FFLockerRoom Staff Fantasy Football League Commentary: Rounds 3 and 4


Continuing on with the first ever FFLockerRoom Staff Fantasy Football League, we move onto rounds three and four. If you missed what we had to say about rounds one and two go HERE. Otherwise continue on to read some finely crafted expert analysis.

If you want to see how the draft is shaping up, please visit the official league page HERE.

Commentary will be provided by Chris ZizaTom Schriner and Josh Johnson.

12 Teams | PPR | 4 Pt Thrown TDs | Snake Draft | Slow Draft


3.1  DeMarco Murray – Nate Wenneker

3.2  Larry Fitzgerald – Bryan Hadley

3.3  Frank Gore – Jonathan Nardone

3.4  Reggie Bush – Chris Ziza

3.5  Darren McFadden – Josh Johnson

3.6  Roddy White – Dan Gilman

3.7  Cam Newton – Brandon Berg

3.8  Darren SprolesJason Davis

3.9  Andre Johnson – Ziad Dahdul

3.10  Victor Cruz – Jon Stulberg

3.11  David Wilson – Ryan Setterlof

3.12  Lamar Miller – Tom Schriner


Who had the easiest decision?

Chris – Ziad Dahdul plucking Andre Johnson, a PPR stud, was by far the biggest no-brainer of the third round. I know he was banged up in 2010 and missed most of 2011 along with the fact that he is on the wrong side of 30, but let’s face it, he bounced back in a big way last year! If he can find a way to bump that touchdown total from 4 to 6-8 while managing to catch 95+ catches and 1,300 yards…ya I like it a lot!

Tom – In my opinion, Jason Davis won by nabbing Sproles. He was my targeted pick and is always a welcome sight in PPR leagues. I know he’s not “The Guy” in New Orleans but they use him enough. And with the defense still not great, that offense is still going to need to put up serious numbers to compete.

Josh – Dan Gilman by scoring Roddy White in the third. PPR power! White is aging but that Falcons offensive scheme makes it almost impossible to double-team anybody.

Besides Sproles & Newton nobody else taken in this round strike me as durable. Fitzgerald is nice but Carson Palmer like his 19th quarterback and that offensive line will need to protect his backside because Palmer is just plain old.


Which player has the biggest potential to be a bust?

Chris – Being an owner of Darren McFadden in one of my keeper leagues the last several seasons, it would be hard to argue to me that this is definitely his year. I am just so fed up with him that I expect very little. But he has such enormous talent that it is hard to give up on the kid. And being that he is now a mid-3 pick, I don’t think he will bust. 

I’d have to go Cam Newton here. I hate me some quarterback this early in 4pt leagues unless your name is Drew Brees, and even then that is taking a leap of faith. Which Newton are you going to get? The one that struggled with an advanced offense or the one that excelled once the offense was dumbed down in 2012? And look at his receiving core. Ya, Newton all the way here.

Tom – Was going to take the obvious pick of DMC but at this point he is what he is. A great talent with a lot of concerns. And while I think it was tad early to get him, the RB list was already getting really thin. 

My pick to be the biggest bust goes to DeMarco Murray. Like DMC he has the talent. And he’s on the much better overall team. Defenses don’t get the luxury of fixating on just Murray. His injury history is my biggest concern. One of those players that I probably won’t own on any of my teams in 2013.

Josh – It’s a coin flip between Miller and Wilson. You put a gun to my head and I would choose Lamar Miller. Daniel Thomas owners rejoice! Oh wait that’s me!


Who finishes with more points, David Wilson or Lamar Miller?

Chris – As always, health will play a big role in this. But if both suit up for 16 games I would have to say the likely hood would be David Wilson topping Lamar Miller in fantasy points. But I rank both pretty darn close. To me they are both high-end RB3’s, low-end rB2’s in deeper 12-team leagues with the potential to jump to the mid-2.

Tom – I like both players a lot and would have been dealt a tough decision if Ryan hadn’t taken Wilson just before me but I like Miller’s chances to play A LOT this year. And just based on the sheer amount of work he’ll get leads me to believe he’ll end up on top. 

Josh – A healthy Wilson finishes with more points than Miller. Wilson’s speed and agility place between such Giant’s Greats as Otis Anderson and Tiki Barber. Andre Brown can drink his own Kool-Aid.



4.1  Peyton Manning – Tom

4.2  Randall Cobb – Ryan Setterlof

4.3  Wes Welker – Jon Stulberg

4.4  Marques Colston – Ziad Dahdul

4.5  Le’Veon Bell (taken before the injury) – Jason Davis 

4.6  Dwayne Bowe – Brandon Berg

4.7  Vincent Jackson – Dan Gilman

4.8  Reggie Wayne – Josh Johnson

4.9  Danny Amendola – Chris Ziza

4.10  Steve Smith – Jonathan Nardone

4.11  Eric Decker – Bryan Hadley

4.12  Antonio Brown – Nate Wenneker


Which of these players was the biggest reach in your opinion?

Chris – While I am not a fan of Wes Welker, Steve Smith or Antonio Brown this round, my choice is Peyton Manning. I am not trying to hate on you Tom, but anyone who knows me, I preach take your skilled positions early and often, especially in this years draft when you can grab a Matthew Stafford, Tony Romo or Russell Wilson many rounds later. And with his neck, he is really only one good hit away from being a bubble boy. But if you want me to say something nice, he does have a great group of receivers and a second year in this offense should allow him to remain a top-5 fantasy quarterback in 2013.

Tom – Lol, it’s me and taking Peyton Manning. I’m not sure why but I wanted to own Peyton in at least one league this year. He was available and I didn’t think he would be there at the end of the fifth. So I jumped. I was hoping to start a run on QBs but that didn’t happen… oh well.

Josh – Steve Smith is biggest reach of round 4 by far. That brother is so old. He was once a great player but like Todd Helton he should have hung ’em up two years ago.


Any second thoughts on your pick?

Chris – No, none. Now I am not insane. I do know Danny Amendola’s track record of staying healthy. It isn’t very good. But the most recent years there was really no reason to rush back from injury. St. Louis’ offense was horrid as was their team. Now he finds himself on a team led by a stern head coach and a veteran star quarterback who found a way to turn Wes Welker  from a return man into a stud wide receiver. Amendola is needed, he has impressed throughout camp and in the preseason and quite frankly I believe he will remain healthy (13-15 games played) and produce as a solid, low-end wide receiver 2 in PPR leagues. Late in the fourth round in a start-3 WR with a flex, you can’t ask for much more. 

Tom – Now that we are almost done with the draft, yeah. Had I known the QBs that would be available later in the draft I wouldn’t have jumped on Manning. But that’s the way it is and hindsight is 20/20. Would have probably taken Cobb or Wayne.

Josh – Reggie Wayne is older than Steve Smith by six months. It’s funny tasting your own foot? I do believe in Reggie, I have owned several times and we are super comfortable with each other.


How many games does Danny Amendola play this season and can he fill the void left by Welker?

Chris – As I just said in the previous question, I really think that he will find a way to stay healthy. When you are on a winning team, with true leaders at both head coach and quarterback, Amendola will both be properly used and utilized. Can he fill the void of Wes Welker? No. But he most likely will have the best season of his career in 2013.

Tom – I am going to be bullish on this and say he misses only two games. I really want to predict that he can stay healthy a full season but nothing in his past leads me to believe he will. And he’s going to be targeted heavy this year. I also wouldn’t be shocked if he played in only two games. One of the bigger boom or bust players in recent memory. 

Josh – I’d say Amendola plays in 15 games and catches 80 balls. What more could you ask for? He won’t have to be the guy, since Gronk is the attention hound. Less turf and more cold, could mean a more limber Amendola.


Stay tuned for commentary on rounds five and six!

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