Giants RB Andre Brown Re-Fractures Leg In Fourth Preseason Game

Giants RB Andre Brown Re-Fractures Leg In Fourth Preseason Game

The New York Giants running game was dealt a significant blow during their fourth preseason game when Andre Brown fractured the same leg that took him out during last season. If he doesn’t go on season ending injured reserve it’s possible the Giants make him their lone candidate for designation to return later in the season. But at the very least, Brown will almost certainly miss half the year.

The injury to Brown significantly boosts David Wilson‘s value in leagues that haven’t drafted yet. Wilson will not see any TD vulturing with the likes of Ryan Torrain, Michael Cox and Da’Rell Scott as his backups. I expect the Giants to sign someone rather quickly. Some obvious big names that come to mind are Brandon Jacobs, Michael Turner and Willis McGahee. Of the three, I believe McGahee has the best legs but we’ll see what the G-Men have in mind. 

Our running back rankings will be updated tonight to reflect Brown’s injury.


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