Giants' RB Andre Brown Fractures Fibula, Could Only Miss 4-6 Weeks? |

Giants’ RB Andre Brown Fractures Fibula, Could Only Miss 4-6 Weeks?

During the New York Giants’ preseason finale against the New England Patriots, Giants running back Andre Brown suffered a fracture of his left fibula. Brown immediately left the game for further testing. As reported by ESPN New York columnist Ohm YoungmisukBrown has a small fracture of the left leg that won’t need surgery and he’s staying positive about the situation.

What this means, more than anything else, is that there is still a lot of ambiguity about how much time Brown can be expected to miss. If he suffered a “non-displaced” fracture (crack in the bone that doesn’t affect the anatomical shape) of the fibula (outside bone of the lower leg), then there is a distinct possibility he can avoid surgery and be back in roughly 6 weeks. The fibula is a non-weight bearing bone, which basically means that we don’t rely on it to walk and/or run in terms of stability. The major concern would be a low tackle where a defender or teammate rolled into the fractured leg.

Although there is a reasonable amount of pain associated and physiologic healing must be promoted, there is no indication that this is a season-ending injury. X-ray results should be made available tomorrow or so, which is when we can confirm it is the fibula that is broken. If that’s the case, think twice before you cut bait because this may not be as long a wait as you think. Stay tuned!



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