Breaking Bad Week 1: Players Starting out 2013 Struggling |

Breaking Bad Week 1: Players Starting out 2013 Struggling

Welcome one, welcome all to another weekly article that we’ll be pumping out here on FF Locker Room. If you haven’t gotten a chance to check out what we have to offer for you guys every day of the week, check out our in-season articles tab, outlining what pieces we will be rolling out each day.

As for our article today, I’ll be rolling out a Breaking Bad lite version. I’ll look at a few guys who have had poor preseasons and let you know what they need to do to remedy the situation as the season lies upon us. Being that preseason game tape doesn’t hold near the clout that regular season tape has, I’ll do a few quick hitters this week and try and get you ready for what to expect this week. As the season unfolds, I’ll be breaking down the tape, letting you know what guys are doing wrong, how they can fix it and what are the chances that they do so, based on player history, match-ups, etc.

QB Geno Smith, New York Jets

Smith is going to open the season as the starter for the New York Jets, sadly by default. I’d love to sit here and say he beat Sanchez for it, but Sanchez will be rehabbing. Smith came out and had a solid first preseason game, going 6 for 7 for 47 yards, but left the game with an ankle injury. He came back in the third game from the injury, still not 100% and went 16 for 30 for 199 yards, 1 TD and 3 picks.

They say he’s 100 percent now, so we’ll see. He’s going to be on your waiver wire and should stay there for now. They say it’s a running QB’s league nowadays and people tend to lump Smith in with that group. That’s fine and dandy, but he doesn’t run. He’s mobile, yes, but he’s not the type of passer that’ll drop back and run for 100 yards. Instead, he’s a pocket passer with the ability to evade pass rushers. Unfortunately, that’s about all he can do for now.

RB Rashard Mendenhall, Arizona Cardinals

One guy I like to re-establish himself this year is Cardinals RB Rashard Mendenhall. Mendy was inneffective last year coming back from injury for the Steelers, but so far this preseason has looked like he has regained some of his burst, Bruce Arians is working his magic on the offensive line and he’s on an offense that shouldn’t have a ton of problems moving the football. As late as this guy went in drafts, I think he could be the steal of the year. He’s a primary RB on a solid offense with no immediate threat to playing time around him. A lot of people don’t like him this year, but I do.

RB Ryan Mathews, San Diego Chargers

This Chargers offense is looking slightly anemic this year. Rivers has developed a nice noodle arm, they have a ton of questions as far as receivers go and the offensive line is shoddy at best. However, the one bright spot, oddly enough, has been Mathews. He quietly turned in a solid preseason, where quite frankly, he has looked very good. He has looked like the Mathews we expected him to be a year or two ago. He’s certainly going to get opportunities this year. It’s troubling to see they start out the year against Houston, but Mathews is the most likely player to get anything going on that team.

WR Dwayne Bowe, Kansas City Chiefs

I just wanted to get this one out of the way. Mr. Bowe has, at times, shown a lack of hustle. Perhaps when his team is down, perhaps when he is having a bad game. These types of things make the QB and yourself pull your hair out. However, Bowe is one of the most talented receivers in the game and he has a solid QB for the first time in a few years. As bad as the passing game was last year, had he played in all 16 games, he very well could’ve finished with over 1000 yards. He is going to be electric this year and easily finish inside the top 10 WRs.

That’ll do it for this week’s Breaking Bad. Next week, we’ll take a look at a few more players than we did this time and be able to expand further on each guy. However, I hope you enjoyed this week’s lite version of the article. Football is back, ladies and gentlemen. Enjoy yourselves.

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