Week 1 Fantasy Football Recap - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Week 1 Fantasy Football Recap – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Welcome to the Week 1 Fantasy Football Recap:  The Good, The Bad, The Ugly! Every week you will get a mostly fantasy football oriented recap from my point of view. If I deviate a bit from football, there is probably a good reason, bear with me and thanks for taking the time to stop by.

By Tom Schriner, The Fantasy Football Junkie


•  Unfortunately for me, I’m a Detroit Lions fan who lives in Fort Wayne, IN. If you don’t know where Fort Wayne is, don’t be alarmed, we’re only the second largest city in Indiana about 3.5 hours East of Chicago and 3 hours Southwest of Detroit. Being close to Detroit is nice when I want/can go to a game but being so close to the Bears has made most of the region into a Chicago viewing area. So naturally, come game day, the Lions are left off the viewing schedule to make room for Da Bears. It had gotten so bad that I didn’t bother checking the cable schedule for Sunday knowing full well that the Colts would be on CBS and the Bears would be on FOX. BUT, and there is a big BUT, my Father-In-Law (FIL) informed me on Saturday that it was, in fact, the Lions being aired on FOX. And then I was overjoyed. Made even more enjoyable, was the fact that my FIL is one of those Bears fans. Don’t worry he lives about 30 minutes North of my location and found it over-the-air… and we both got what we wanted, a big fat W.

*  Speaking of that Lions game, I’m throwing in a GOOD for the Lions defense. It doesn’t happen often but they did one heck of a job bottling up Adrian Peterson after his first run went for a 74 yard touchdown. You wouldn’t know it from Peterson’s fantasy stat line but the Lions D held their own and did a magnificent job with the #1 back in the NFL.

•  I know it happened on Thursday night but I have to put Peyton Manning on the list. His game has me still checking my match ups just to make sure I wasn’t playing against him… His seven touchdowns thrown hadn’t been done since 1969 by Joe Kapp.

•  So, maybe the Baltimore Ravens made a mistake in trading Anquan Boldin to the 49ers. I would say so, if I were a Ravens fan. But if you happen to be a 49er fan, you absolutely love it. Not only did Boldin have a magnificent debut for his new team, he went absolutely bonkers. He caught 13 receptions for 208 yards and a TD. I avoided Boldin in every draft this year, my bad.

•  Speaking of amazing debuts I couldn’t leave out Reggie Bush. In his first appearance for the Detroit Lions he totals  191 yards with a TD. So glad to have Reggie in Detroit.

•  E.J. Manuel, Geno Smith and Terrelle Pryor made better than expected debuts for their respective teams. If you would have told me that the Jets would win and the Bills and Raiders each were both up late in the fourth quarter of their games I would have said no way! But that’s what happened. If not for Tom Brady doing what he does and Andrew Luck proving to be everything we expected of him, all three quarterbacks mentioned above would have won. It’s a good sign for all of them and their fans should be happy. And now that the Giants lost, the J-E-T-S Jets, Jets, Jets, are going to be front-page news in New York.

•  The death of Brian Hartline has been greatly exaggerated. He was ranked as the 47th WR going into week one by Fantasy Pros Expert Consensus Rankings and is currently holding steady as the 8th best receiver. And apparently somewhere Mike Wallace is crying because he didn’t get the ball enough in a win.

•  You were either a believer in Jared Cook or you weren’t. There were not many people on the fence about him. He was either someone you targeted in drafts, or tried your best to avoid. For those that took a chance on him, for at least one week, he did not disappoint. He went off for 141 yards and two touchdowns.



•  Cam Newton finished Sunday as the 21st ranked quarterback in standard leagues. I know Seattle’s D is good but I didn’t expect him to finish that far down. Don’t panic owners, lets chalk it up to a very good defense this week. Wait till after next weekend to sweat.

•  It’s week one of the 2012 season and the replacement refs get lit up for making multiple mistakes that should have never happened. Flash forward a year and we have our regular crews out on the field patrolling. But the San Francisco group of refs made a terrible mistake by allowing the 49ers to replay a third down play instead of it 4th and a couple of yards. So instead of forcing the 49ers to take a field goal, they get a redo and score a touchdown. While this play occurred early in the game, it could have totally changed the complexion and emotions of the game. You can’t let these things happen. I also put blame on the coaches of the Packers. I’m not entirely sure, but they should have called a TO and discussed the events if they thought there was mistake.

Lamar Miller was a hot commodity in drafts this year. And I was one of them owners that may have reached a few spots early to get him. And he struggled mightily this week. Finishing with 3 yards on 10 carries is not good. I’m not saying to dump him and pick up Daniel Thomas just yet but keep an eye on this. If Thomas out plays Miller for two in a row then you can start to worry.

• What happened to super stud TE Zach Sudfeld? That guy was a fantasy ghost today. And it’s not like they couldn’t use an athletic TE on the field. My only theory is that the Patriots were worried about the pass rush being too much for the offensive line and that they couldn’t sacrifice blocking for pass catching on this occasion. I believe he finished with one target.



•  The New York Giants RBs. The combination of David Wilson and DaRell Scott is not going to continue. I expect the Giants to bring in someone this week. It could just be a threat signing to wake David Wilson up but they will make a move. Wilson fumbling twice and Scott making a terrible tip for a pick six… not going to fly in a Tom Coughlin locker room. Anyone have Brandon Jacobs‘ number?

•  Oh Blaine Gabbert, we know who you are. You are a backup. It’s time to admit as much and take the clipboard from Chad Henne. I don’t think Henne is the answer but he’s a more capable quarterback. Plus he can at least make Cecil Shorts usable in fantasy. Gabbert finished with 1 fantasy point. That’s right, one.

•  The entire Steelers team but especially the running game. I still can’t get over the fact that they let Jonathan Dwyer go. The same RB who lead all Steelers backs last season and during this years preseason. I know he had his weight issues but didn’t Jerome Bettis have issues as well? If they guy can get it done, why is he not on the team. Redman looked as bad as he did in 2012 and LaRod Stephens-Howling couldn’t get much going. If you don’t act fast, Dwyer is going to get a call from the G-men.

•  I almost forgot Mark Ingram and his 11 yards on 9 carries. Not that I expected much from him, as I’ve not drafted him ever in any of my leagues, but I honestly thought he might do well this season. Probably not going to be the case.

I’m sure there was something really great that I missed, please let me know down below!

See you next week.


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  1. Richard Olcott // September 9, 2013 at 10:07 am // Reply

    I’m a Falcons fan, but Detroit has my boy Calvin Johnson (Georgia Tech) so I’m partial to them. I’ve always liked Reggie Bush and am overjoyed he’s with a team that can use his special skills. That’s also why I drafted him in the second round. Glad to see my faith was rewarded. I needed it, because I also have Mike Wallace (Flex). I think I’m going to bench him in favor of Golden Tate, or even Joique Bell.

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