Oakland Raiders RT Menelik Watson Out For A Month

Oakland Raiders RT Menelik Watson Out For A Month

It’s as if the late owner Al Davis is haunting this team from beyond. After losing their best offensive lineman, LT Jared Veldheer, they have been scrambling to find the right guys to help make Darren McFadden relevant. The job just became tougher as their starting RT, rookie Menelik Watson, will be out for up to a month after undergoing a procedure to fix a torn lateral meniscus.

It’s a good think Matt Flynn isn’t the starting QB right now. If he was, there is no doubt in my mind he wouldn’t survive behind this crew of replacements. Terrelle Pryor at least has the scrambling ability to make things interesting and will give the Raiders a fighting chance in games. But if you are counting on DMC to come through, it might be time to see what you can get for him in trade value now rather than later. Somebody is sure to bite based on the talent… maybe.

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