Week 2 Fantasy Football Recap - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Week 2 Fantasy Football Recap – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Welcome to the Week 2 Fantasy Football Recap:  The Good, The Bad, The Ugly! Every week you will get a mostly fantasy football oriented recap from my point of view. If I deviate a bit from football, there is probably a good reason, bear with me and thanks for taking the time to stop by.

By Tom Schriner, The Fantasy Football Junkie


•  Sitting here during the weather delay for Sunday Night Football gave me some much-needed time to think about my day in relation to football. See, I was driving back from my Parents home in Kentucky and didn’t get to watch much of the early action. Thank goodness the previous owners of my mini-van purchased a lifetime subscription to SiriusXM and didn’t cancel it. Now I can enjoy all of the benefits of satellite radio while on the road. And I must say, whatever that cost is, it’s worth it. It’s safe to assume, I will NEVER sell this van. So thank you previous owners of my 2006 Chrysler Town & Country, today you make my good list.

•  I think coming a close second has to be Aaron Rodgers. Holy cow is he good or what? I mean, it’s no Peyton Manning from week one but for now, his 480 yards and 4 touchdowns is #1 among all fantasy players for week 2.

•  I know Jimmy Graham went off today against the Bucs but my favorite TE from Sunday was Charles Clay. Clay, who has been thrust into a prominent role after Dustin Keller suffered a season ending injury, had 5 receptions for 107 yards and got a TD with his first career carry. I wouldn’t expect huger performances from Clay every week but he’s worth a pickup in deep leagues and will most certainly make the waiver list Tuesday morning. Next week the Dolphins take on the Atlanta Falcons who let Sam Bradford throw for 352 yards on them this weekend.

•  Ok, ok, ok. Eddie Royal could be, maybe, a legit pickup for week three. He will make the waiver list this week but I still don’t like it. Maybe it’s because I thought last season he could breakout for the Chargers and he absolutely disappeared. I’m still holding onto those bad feelings from a year ago, and I should let it go. They guy has 5 TD’s over the first two games. That is a lot of touchdowns. In his first 5 seasons in the NFL he totaled just 10.

• Congrats to some stud players who bounced back after disappointing week one performances. Some of those studs were Calvin Johnson, Dez Bryant, Mike Wallace, Cecil Shorts, Arian Foster, Doug Martin and C.J. Spiller.

•  It’s officially getting late where I live but this Sunday Night game is must-see tv. I can’t look away.

•  The Tennessee Titans look for real with only two weeks being played. I know it’s early but everyone that had picked the Texans in a survivor pool probably couldn’t breathe much during that game. If Jake Locker can develop this season, they could be a handful for everyone on their schedule.



•  The Baltimore Ravens offense. They are struggling on all fronts and miss Anquan Boldin more and more each week. They have a nice piece in WR Marlon Brown but without Boldin and Dennis Pitta they are not the same. And now Ray Rice has a hip injury… could be interesting going forward.

•  Not that it was all Greg Little‘s fault but he had 12 targets and only caught 4 of them for 33 yards. Thank goodness he was started in many leagues and I’m sorry if you did.

•  The top two RBs for week two are currently Knowshon Moreno and James Starks. Let me repeat, as of right now, the top TWO RUNNING BACKS FOR WEEK TWO are Knowshon Moreno and James, are you freaking kidding me, Starks. That my friends is why experts like me are just “experts”. I love this game!



•  I only include my Detroit Lions here because I can. I mean, one week you are at home seeing how bad Brandon Pettigrew is and seeing how nicely your undrafted rookie out of UCLA, TE Joseph Fauria, played. The next week on the road, Pettigrew still has a prominent role on offense and Fauria is nowhere to be seen? What is going on? Ugh…

•  The number of star running backs that went down in week two and couldn’t finish the game. Ray Rice suffered a hip injury. Reggie Bush suffered a knee injury, came back, then hurt it again. Eddie Lacy suffered a concussion on his first and only carry. Maurice Jones-Drew, for the second year in a row, got injured against the Oakland Raiders. And Steven Jackson suffered what seemed to be a hamstring injury. At least SJAX took his lone pass for TD before leaving but that was a rough week for RBs that were started in virtually every league.

•  The news keeps getting worse for Tom Brady owners. It looks like newly acquired #1 WR Danny Amendola could be dealing with a torn abductor muscle. Since I don’t know much about that here is the story from ESPN.

•  How about Chip Kelly’s press conference? Man, that was a complete 360 from last week. I don’t know about you but it was like watching someone’s crotchety old Grandpa come out and yell at the kids to get off his lawn. I would not want to be in that Eagles locker room…

That’s it for now, don’t forget to let me know in the comments below if I forgot something. Until next week, enjoy this great game called fantasy football.


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