NFL Fantasy Football Injury Report: Latest Updates on Week 2 Injuries |

NFL Fantasy Football Injury Report: Latest Updates on Week 2 Injuries

Week 2 is in the books, which means it’s time to look back at the week and make sense of all the big injury news from the weekend’s slate of games. Since it’s only Tuesday, all information is speculative and based on available information, so things can change between now and the weekend. Keep an eye on news as it leaks out throughout the week and follow me on Twitter for breaking news as it happens (z_dahdul) or go to the FFLockerRoom home page and check out our feed with all my tweets updating live.

  • Ray Rice left Sunday’s game with what they’re initially calling a “hip flexor strain“. The team felt so confident it was a minor issue that an MRI was not performed. He’s officially considered day-to-day. The hip flexor muscle, known as the iliopsoas muscle, functions flex the hip towards the chest, which is most important when a runner is bringing the leg through the swing phase of the run. It is considered one of the power muscles for a runner, which should imply why this this is a big deal for a running back. Call me skeptical that he’ll be ready to go at 100% this coming Sunday, but there’s nothing I’ve heard thus far that leads me to believe he won’t suit up. Keep in mind that the Ravens play the Texans this week, so it won’t be a walk in the park either. Follow this one closely and check back on Saturday for updates.
  • Packers RB Eddie Lacy left Sunday’s game early in the first quarter after suffering a concussion. James Starks came in a filled in admirably, running for 144 yards with 1 TD. Lacy will now have to go through ImPACT concussion protocol in order to play Week 3. He must be symptom free at rest and with exertion while also going through a battery of progressive tests to make sure he can handle game play. Monitor this situation and try to snag Starks if he’s available.
  • Andre Johnson is in the same boat as Lacy, but his appears to be more mild than Lacy’s. I like Johnson’s chances of playing (mainly because I own him in two leagues), but he must go through the same ImPACT testing as Lacy, which is mandated by the NFL. Stay tuned this week.
  • Scary moment in the Chargers’ win on Sunday when WR Malcom Floyd went down with a neck injury after a brutal hit. Floyd is out indefinitely and will be in a neck brace for at least 1 week. With how this injury is being treated, it appears that they’re worried about the stability of his neck and maybe giving the muscles around the neck a chance to relax after such a violent force was applied to them. No specific timetable has been given, but since we’re dealing with the neck, he could be out for at least 2-3 weeks, if not more.
  • Seahawks lineman Russell Okung left Sunday’s night blowout win with a toe injury. Word came later that Okung tore a ligament of the big toe, which some are speculating is the plantar plate that was torn. The plantar plate is a ligamentous-type structure on the plantar surface (bottom of foot) of the balls of the feet. It functions to protect the metatarsal heads (balls of toes) from excessive pressure with weight bearing tasks. It also prevents our toes from over-extending during push off tasks like running and sprinting. When the planter plate tears, the stability of the individual toe is lost, causing direct pressure on the met heads (balls of toes) and sapping a person of their explosiveness and speed. This is also the same injury that Pierre Garcon fought all of last year. Initial speculation is that Okung will not have surgery, which likely would have ended his season. A big lineman like Okung is very reliant on the stability of his feet, especially since he spends a ton of time in his stance position, which is exactly the type of position that stresses this vulnerable region. He will also have difficulty with pushing off to engage defenders in addition to general mobility around the pocket. He will definitely not play this week and I’d be surprised to see him back before Week 6 to be honest. It’ll be wait and see until more information is made available.
  • Maurice Jones-Drew strained a tendon is his ankle on Sunday, causing him to leave the game. This strain occurred on the same side MJD also suffered the Lisfranc injury, which is definitely not a great sign. I’ve talked extensively in the past about compensatory injuries happening on the same leg after a serious injury and this could fall into that category. He was reportedly already feeling better on Monday and has a chance to play Sunday against the Seahawks. This significantly lowers his value, especially considering he’s playing an elite defense. We’ll know by his participation this week whether or not he’ll be ready to go, so stay tuned.
  • Can I please stop including Reggie Bush in these articles? Bush left Sunday’s game after taking a helmet to the knee. Bush did not return to the game. He had testing performed after the game and the Lions’ staff seems confident that it’s only a short term issue. No specifics on the injury, but I’d have to guess a bone bruise of some sort considering he took a blow to the knee. There wouldn’t necessarily be a high risk of serious injury if he plays through it, but he’d have to be willing to tolerate a decent amount of pain that will be associated with this type of slow healing injury. At least Bush was happy about his progress, sending out a tweet with 4 thumbs up, which is twice as good as 2 thumbs up. He’s still in play for this week, so watch for his practice participation as the week goes on.
  • Larry Fitzgerald played through a mild hamstring strain and came through ok. He did leave the game for good early in the 4th quarter, but reportedly did not suffer any setbacks. Fitz himself has already said he’s playing for sure in week 3, but who knows how healthy he will be. I’d  watch his productivity this week in practice, and if he can put in a full practice on Friday, I’d feel comfortable playing him. If he’s limited all week, you may want to (gulp) look elsewhere. Keep an eye on this situation as it develops, but a WR without the ability to create separation and/or accelerate/decelerate just won’t be successful, even if he’s as good as Fitz is.
  • Breathe a sigh of relief Michael Vick owners, he’s fine. After taking a huge hit during the Eagles loss on Sunday, he was momentarily taken out of the game, missing two plays. He returned to finish the game and was not listed on the injury report today. Vick appears to have dodged a bullet, but keep a tally on how many big hits Vick is going to take in this high octane Chip Kelly offense. Vick owners may want to sell high if you can get value for him as I don’t think he’ll hold up for a full season.
  • Steven Jackson suffered a thigh “bruise” during Sunday’s win over the Rams. Jackson hurt himself during his 8 yard TD reception in the 1st half. He did not return. No word on the severity of his injury and what the exact diagnosis is. If it’s a run of the mill bruise, there’s a chance he plays this week. If he suffered a strain of some sort to the quadriceps muscle, the severity of the strain will dictate how much time he misses. More information should be known by week’s end, so keep an eye on his participation levels this week. Jacquizz Rodgers and Jason Snelling get bumps in value if Jackson can’t go.
  • Tony Romo and Dez Bryant both looked just fine out there on Sunday, regardless of the game’s outcome. I expect them to be fine and dandy moving forward. Same goes for Julio Jones, who didn’t miss a step out there on Sunday.
  • Roddy White is another story though. He spent his second week in a row being a decoy and really just doesn’t look right out there. He did look better this week than last, but hasn’t looked dynamic at all while battling this ankle sprain, which is reportedly of the high variety. White was only able to play in 53% of Sunday’s snaps, which is significantly lower than his normal usage. If he isn’t close to a full participant by Friday, I’d consider going with a less risky option until he shows he’s ready to contribute at his normal levels. This ankle injury is obviously limiting his speed and mobility, so monitor this situation closely.
  • Danny Amendola practiced on Monday for the Patriots. He’s reportedly dealing with a strained hip adductor muscle, which runs along the inside of the thigh from the pelvis down to the medial knee. It’s primary functions are pulling the leg towards the midline of the body and providing stability to the lower extremity during single leg tasks. There are a ton of conflicting reports about Amendola’s availability, but he really looked hobbled during the few drills I saw video of earlier today. I don’t buy him playing this week for a second and still think he’ll be out for at least a few more weeks, probably until Week 5-6. The more Amendola plays with a partially or full torn muscle, the greater the likelihood he suffers an even more serious injury or a major setback that could keep him out for months. My guess is the Patriots will err on the side of caution until they know exactly what’s going on.

If there’s anyone I missed that you’d like more information about, feel free to leave a comment on this post or find me at z_dahdul on Twitter and I’ll happily answer any of your fantasy football injury related questions!

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  • Fantasy Football Junkie

    Great read Dr. Z! Love reading up on the weekends injury news on our site. You seriously know exactly what is going on. So many star RBs on this list, can’t wait for the end of the week updates.

    • Ziad Dahdul, PT, DPT

      Thanks Tom! It’s going to be interesting once Friday and Saturday roll around. So many decisions are going to be made heading into the weekend, so I’m curious to see how Rice and Fitz and those guys work out. Stay tuned man, it’s going to shape a lot of people’s lineups.

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