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Fantasy Football Stock Report Week 2

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-Best Friends Jay Cutler and Philip Rivers

Both players were projected as #2 quarterbacks before the season started and have exceeded those expectations so far.  Rivers has been a top 4 quarterback after the first two weeks.  I don’t expect him to stay this hot for the entire season, but his production should make owners think twice about starting him over some quarterbacks that were drafted to be starters who are off to slow starts.  I am not saying he is a top 10 quarterback all of a sudden, but it might be worth it to use him at QB while he is playing so well.  This great start could end next week or next month, but if you look at the schedule for the Chargers over the next month, you won’t see any tough matchups.  Cutler also has some favorable matchups during weeks 4-7 and he has looked good playing in Marc Trestman’s offense.  If you are a Tom Brady owner, you may want to think about benching him for either Cutler or Rivers until the Patriots get their receiver situation figured out. 

 -Streaming Defenses

Wow…the Jacksonville Jaguars are bad.  If you are an owner who likes to stream defenses each week, make sure to pick up the next few teams who play the Jaguars.  I mean their local T.V. station had to explain why they show Jaguar road games on television instead of another game.  MJD tweaked his injured foot, they don’t have a NFL caliber quarterback, they don’t have a good defense, and when they play at home no fans are there to give them an advantage.  I mean the Raiders and Jets are powerhouses on offense compared to the Jaguars.  The same could be said for teams playing the Browns and Raiders.  It could pay off to have a second defense on your bench, if you plan ahead, to make sure your defense is playing one of these three teams each week.

 -Green Bay and Denver Receivers

They play in high-powered pass heavy offenses that force defenses to choose which receiver they want to try and limit each week.  It is nearly impossible to predict which receivers will have the big game and which ones will be left out because of the defensive game plan of the other team.  The only thing you can do is start any and all receivers and tight ends from these two offenses.  Neither team trusts their running game near the goal line and only run the ball after they have a big lead. 

Here is how I rank both receiving trios.

Denver- Thomas, Welker, Decker

Green Bay- Cobb, Nelson, Jones

The #3 receiver on either of these teams is better than some #1 and most #2 receivers on other teams.  Don’t get cute with your lineup and put one of these guys on your bench because you “know” they will have a bad game.   While it is rare for all three receivers from a team to have good games, you don’t want to have one on your bench when they have their big game.  Play it safe and play them all.


Stock Down


Nothing is more frustrating to a fantasy owner than seeing his first or second round pick go down with an injury.  Several top players sustained injuries that will keep them out for multiple weeks.  Steven Jackson was primed for a big game against his old team when he injured his quad.  He at least scored a TD before he got injured, but that was nothing close to what he was projected to do against the Rams.  Reggie Bush, Ray Rice, and Eddie Lacy were the other running backs to get hurt on Sunday.  We are still waiting to hear the extent of each injury for Bush and Rice. Even if Bush and Rice play this week, their workloads will be reduced and their performance on the field will suffer. Rice was already losing carries to Bernard Pierce before the injury.  I expect the Ravens to be even more careful with how they bring Rice back. We know that Lacy will be out until week 5.  Some top wide receivers and tight ends are also dealing with injuries.  Andre Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, and Vernon Davis will all be affected by their injuries for the next few weeks.  This is on top of Danny Amendola and Roddy White being injured before week 2.  Luckily, none of them suffered season ending injuries, but these could be lingering injuries that hurt their performance for a while.  Skill position players weren’t the only ones getting hurt in week 2.  Offensive lineman also felt the wrath of the week 2 injury bug.  While they don’t get the big headlines in fantasy football, the loss of key offensive lineman will definitely lower the effectiveness of some offenses this week.

 -Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This team hates their coach, they get the most penalties in the league, players don’t like their quarterback, and they lost both games in heartbreaking fashion. Plus they had a staph infection outbreak during the preseason.  They have played pretty well on defense and Vincent Jackson and Doug Martin have each had one strong game, but the team is on meltdown alert.  If they lose a close game to the Patriots on the road, I think Greg Schiano’s head will explode.  Teams are going to start stacking the box more against Martin as Josh Freeman continues to show that he is a borderline starting quarterback.  Even when they had a 70-yard touchdown to Jackson last week, it was called back because of a penalty.  This team has the look of a sinking ship and I would not target any Buccaneers in trade talks.  

Peyton Manning

He only threw for 2 touchdowns against the Giants.  He is no longer on pace to throw 112 touchdowns this year.  What a let down for fantasy owners!


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  1. Love the point about streaming defenses. Going a week ahead and looking is great advice Ryan!

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