NFL Fantasy Football Injury Report: Latest Updates on Week 3 Injuries |

NFL Fantasy Football Injury Report: Latest Updates on Week 3 Injuries

Week 3 is in the books, which means it’s time to look back at the week and make sense of all the big injury news from the weekend’s slate of games. Since it’s only Tuesday, all information is speculative and based on available information, so things can change between now and the weekend. Keep an eye on news as it leaks out throughout the week and follow me on Twitter for breaking news as it happens (z_dahdul) or go to the FFLockerRoom home page and check out our feed with all my tweets updating live.

Andre JohnsonAJ suffered a bruised shin during Sunday’s game, which resulted in him unsuccessfully trying to gut it out and ultimately leaving the game. The injury is just considered a bruise, which is good news and leaves the door open for him to play this coming Sunday. X-rays during the game were negative for a fracture and he was supposed to have undergone an MRI on Monday. Expect him to be day to day, but monitor his practice participation come Friday.

Larry FitzgeraldFitz came out of Sunday’s game without re-aggravating his strained hamstring. All signs point to him being eased back into practice participation this week, so expect him to be a full participant come Friday and ready to play on Sunday.

Miles AustinMr. Bum Hamstring is back again. Austin left Sunday’s game after suffering what’s considered a “mild” hamstring strain. Nothing about Austin and his hamstrings are mild, as this is not his first go-round with strained muscles in his lower extremities. Expect Austin to rest all week, as he’s considered day to day at the moment. My initial gut reaction based o his past history with these ailments is that he’s going to miss at least 1 game, but nothing is set in stone.Remember, a grade 1 strain is the lowest level muscle strain, meaning there is no actual tearing of the muscle fibers. But once you’ve strained the muscle, you’re more susceptible to it happening again, so a grade 1 for Austin may not mean the same as it does for a first timer. Fear the worst, hope for the best.

C.J. SpillerSpiller initially left Sunday’s loss with what was termed a “knee injury” However, we found out later that he is actually dealing with a thigh issue, which could mean a number of things. The main takeaway is that there is nothing structurally unsound with the knee itself, which leaves the door open for him to play this week. He did say he twisted the knee, which made him feel like he had no power or burst, which is what led to him sitting out for the rest of the game. He’s optimistic about playing in Week 4, which happens to be a tough matchup against the Ravens. Again, follow his participation levels, but hopefully you have Fred Jackson on your bench just in case.

Danny AmendolaInteresting bit of news that broke about Amendola on Monday. Word is that he actually completely tore the adductor longus muscle, which runs on the inner thigh and provides two main functions: first, it helps bring the leg towards the midline of your body; second, it functions to provide “stability” to the pelvis due to its attachment from the pelvis down to the inner part of the thigh just above the knee. However, how much stability it actually provides is up for debate. Essentially, Amendola’s adductor longus completely tore from it’s attachment to the pelvis, which is being considered a good thing because he basically did what surgeons would have done anyways had he undergone a procedure. This means that the muscle will basically just scar down and he will lose what some consider to be a very miniscule amount of function in the grand scheme of things. So what does all my rambling mean about his availability? There are a number of conflicting reports, with some saying he’s eyeing a return this week (this would be 4 weeks post injury, which falls under the initial 2-6 week prognosis) and some saying he has a few weeks to go. Amendola is banking on things going perfectly in his rehab, but he couldn’t even jog without a limp last week, so it’s hard for me to believe he’ll be running and cutting without issue just one week later. To me, Week 4 is more a pipe dream than anything else, but a return around Week 6 isn’t out of the realm of possibility. Stay tuned, this one could get interesting.

Rob GronkowskiThis is the week he’s supposed to return. We know about his back and we know about his forearm, and with Gronk, no news is good news. He hasn’t had any reported setbacks and appears to be in line to return this week on a big stage Sunday night against the Falcons. I think he plays this week, but the true confirmation will come Friday when we see if he can put in a full participation practice or not. If he does, he suits up. If he doesn’t we’re monitoring it all weekend again.

Cameron WakeHe suffered a mild sprain of his MCL in the left knee, causing him to leave Sunday’s game and not return. Initial expectations are that he’ll miss at least 1 week, as that can be pretty standard with a grade 1 type sprain to a knee ligament. He will probably wear some sort of bracing upon return, but keep this in mind when deciding if the 3-0 Dolphins are a team you want to roll with as your D/ST against the Saints.

Vincent JacksonJackson left Sunday’s loss to the Patriots with bruised ribs. X-rays on the ribs showed no fracture, which is great news. Jackson is considered day to day at this point and has a good chance of playing Week 4. However, watch for his participation and reported pain levels during the week, which will be the primary concern for him playing with bruised ribs. And Josh Freeman is his quarterback, so clearly he has nothing going for him at this point.

Daryl RichardsonWhat the hell was that? Richardson played 1 snap on Sunday before aggravating his foot injury when his foot was stepped on, causing him to leave the game. No word on the exact injury he’s dealing with, but my guess is it’s a joint of the midfoot or forefoot , which is what necessitated him being in a boot for a few days early last week. With the Rams playing on a short week against the Niners on Thursday night, he’s too risky to start in my books. Expect Isaiah Pead to get the nod.


If there’s anyone I missed that you’d like more information about, feel free to leave a comment on this post or find me at z_dahdul on Twitter and I’ll happily answer any of your fantasy football injury related questions!

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