David Wilson Gets Vote Of Confidence? Da'Rel Scott Released

David Wilson Gets Vote Of Confidence? Da’Rel Scott Released

The New York Giants have released running back Da’Rel Scott in a somewhat surprising move. Scott, while not playing great was doing better than Brandon Jacobs in my opinion. But what do I know? Not a whole lot I guess. Maybe there is more to this story but Scott was doing well from a statistical standpoint catching 10 passes for 98 yards with a TD. And his 3.5 YPC wasn’t blazing the trail but it’s infinitely better than Jacobs who is averaging exactly one yard per tote.

But this has to be good news for David Wilson owners… right? At least I surely hope so. As an owner of Wilson in two leagues, I need desperately for the New York Giants to start feeding him the rock. He is by far the most talented running back on the team and should be treated as such. I know about the fumbling issues but I don’t care. He needs to be on the field for 90% of the offensive snaps if the Giants want to have more success. Hopefully he has improved on his pass protection and that’s why the Giants feel comfortable letting Scott walk as he was the one taking the field on third-down situations. If Wilson takes over that role, his value will start to climb. This is what I believe to be true and I’m taking a chance and plugging him into the starting lineup this week. Against the Eagles, he’s got a shot to have a breakout game. 


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