Injury Report: C.J. Spiller Will Play Tonight, Bills vs Browns Thursday Night Fantasy Football Preview |

Injury Report: C.J. Spiller Will Play Tonight, Bills vs Browns Thursday Night Fantasy Football Preview


C.J. Spiller (Ankle, Will Play): Apparently no drama here, as Spiller will play tonight, according to It still represents a risky play in my book, because he didn’t really participate in much of anything at practice this week and we’re expecting him to be better than he’s been all season. My guess is that it’ll be a full on timeshare tonight, so Spiller won’t be getting the bulk of carries. And besides, the Browns defense has actually been surprisingly good this season. You may have to play him considering he’s a consensus 1st round pick, but if you happen to have depth, I’d avoid him tonight.

Fred Jackson (MCL sprain, Will Play): Another Bills’ RB dealing with an injury suffered on Sunday, Jackson’s MCL sprain is considered very mild and he shouldn’t be too limited tonight. He was able to practice all week and wasn’t reported to look too limited. Keep in mind, Jackson does have a history of MCL issues in his knee, as he’s had surgery performed on it in the past, so expect the Bills to play it safe and have a good, solid brace on just to give him an increased sense of stability. Bracing won’t necessarily stop something from happening, but it does give the player more confidence and, if he wears a brace that has extra stability running along the inside of the brace, will allow him to cut with more freedom. (Remember, the MCL is the ligament that runs on the inside of the knee joint that connect the femur to the tibia (thigh bone to shin bone) and its primary function is to resist any valgus (a blow from the outside of the knee towards the inside) forces that occur). If I’m a gambling man (I am, I just suck at it), I’m guessing Jackson gets more carries tonight and is the higher scoring guy of the two. But we’ll have to wait and see.

Steve Johnson (Hamstring strain, Will Play): We’ve been here before with Johnson. He’s a tough player and always manages to fight through these muscular injuries. But he’s coming off his worst game of the season, is lined up opposite Joe Haden, and is playing a Thursday night game, which are always very sloppy. I actually like Robert Woods more than Johnson, especially since Woods is healthy and has played more snaps than Johnson the last two weeks. I’d sit Stevie this week.


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