Positional Points Against - Defenses Week 5

Positional Points Against – Defenses Week 5

We all have difficult decisions to make when setting our line up for the week. Getting into situations where you aren’t sure who to play can eat at you all week all the way up to kick off – going back and forth – for this reason or that reason. “Did I pick the right person!?” “Ahhhhhhh!! What do I do?!” Sometimes playing your match ups can serve you well when trying to decide on who to play. Remember not to look too hard into who you play as it normally comes back to bite you in the…you know what. Play your best player, always. If you are trying to decide between Ray Rice and Lamar Miller, or Tom Brady and Alex Smith, you’re thinking too much. These stats can help you make that right choice instead of having a battle between yourself during every week of the season.

*Standard Leagues – 1 point every 25 passing yards, 4 points per TD, -2 points per interception, 1 point for every 10 rushing and receiving yards, 6 points for every rushing and receiving yards, -2 points per fumble lost

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