Week 5 Fantasy Football Recap - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Week 5 Fantasy Football Recap – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly


Welcome to the Week 5 Fantasy Football Recap:  The Good, The Bad, The Ugly! Every week you will get a mostly fantasy football oriented recap from my point of view. If I deviate a bit from football, there is probably a good reason, bear with me and thanks for taking the time to stop by.

By Tom Schriner, The Fantasy Football Junkie

You gotta love fantasy football. I’m serious, if you are reading this, most likely you eat, breath, and poop fantasy football. It’s ok, you can’t help it. It’s a disease that infiltrates your blood stream as if bitten by a vampire and the only thing that can satisfy your hunger is more fantasy football.

This week we get an extra treat for those of us that like to stay up late. Not only do we get the standard Sunday night game, which happens to be a bore at the moment, but we also get a later edition of Thursday night football (on Sunday) with the Chargers traveling to Oakland. By now most of you knew that because of the Oakland Athletics making the MLB postseason, the grounds crew needed a bit more time to get the stadium ready for Sunday’s game. So the only move was to flex it extremely late into the night and air it on the NFL Network. Sweet.

Unfortunately, I live in Indiana and probably will not be able to stay up for the entire game. But I have coffee brewing so I can power through this article and watch, at the very least, the first quarter or two.

I wouldn’t be a fantasy football junkie if I let this opportunity to watch more football stroll right past me while I slept.

I can sleep when I’m dead! Am I right?

I know there are others like me, and for you I write this.



•  I started off listing Peyton Manning as the first player on the Good last week and he’s making a repeat performance for week 5. You could litter the entire “Good” list with players from the Denver vs Dallas contest but Manning deserves some special recognition. Not only did he maintain his average of 4 TDs thrown, he also treated his owners to a rushing score. His first in 5 years!

•  You could make the case for Tony Romo to be one notch ahead of Manning in fantasy because of his 40 points in standard leagues, but that late INT that absolutely killed Dallas has to kick him down a spot. But my goodness, 506 yards, 5 TDs and a 2 pt conversion. I hope you didn’t have to play against him like I did.

•  If you would have told me that my Lions defense would hold Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers to 22 points, I would have told you we got a shot to end our 21 game losing streak in Lambeau. Well we didn’t but I am thrilled that our defense played so well. They consistently held the Packers offense to field goals and held them to just 9 points in the first half. Tremendous effort from the Lions D. If only Calvin Johnson was able to suit up, things could have been different. More on this below.

•  Alshon Jeffery now has 325 yards and two touchdowns in the past two weeks. In both weeks, the Bears were playing in catchup mode but it’s clear that Jay Cutler likes to throw his way.

•  Coming back from his 4-game suspension, Justin Blackmon wasted little time making fantasy owners take notice. He caught 5 balls for 136 yards with a TD.

•  It used to be that Torrey Smith was the guy that you couldn’t trust to give you consistency. This year has been the exact opposite of that. After this weeks 121 yard performance, he’s yet to go under 85 yards on the year and has goner over 90 in four games. He and Ray Rice are the only standard fantasy starters on the Ravens.

•  The best TE still not owned in enough leagues is Charles Clay. He just had his third double-digit performance of the season.

•  For a little kicker love, both Mason Crosby and Alex Henery hit on all five of their field goal attempts and finished with 20 points in standard format. Those performances could have easily made a big difference for their fantasy owners.

•  Jimmy Graham has now scored in double-digits every week and has also had 100+ yards in each of his past four games. He’s an amazing player that consistently sees double coverage and consistently beats that coverage.



•  I just saw flashing across the info bar on the NFL Network that former Buccaneers QB Josh Freeman was just signed to a one-year deal with the Minnesota Vikings worth around three million dollars. Oh Minnesota, I don’t think this is what your fan base was looking for when they called for a change at quarterback. Really Vikings? You want to add this to your plate?

•  Just when his owners were starting to think he had turned a corner, Lamar Miller throws up another awful stat line. 7 carries for fifteen yards with no receptions. Not only did he not receive a reception, he didn’t even have a target. Am I crazy in wondering why Daniel Thomas finished with two catches and Lamar doesn’t even get a target?

•  Even though the Arizona Cardinals won on Sunday it wasn’t because Carson Palmer had a great game. He added 3 more interceptions and now has a total of nine on the season.

•  Jared Cook is getting out played almost every week by second-year man Lance Kendricks who is owned in under one percent of leagues.

•  While I had some excellent calls in my running back rankings for week 5, I had some duds as well. None worse that having Lions RB Joique Bell ranked at number 12. Boy was I wrong about that.

•  After starting the year on fire with 162 yards in the first game, AJ Green has cooled off considerably. His 61 yards was sadly the most he’s had since week one.



•  Apparently the Lions’ offense forgot to travel to Green Bay from Detroit. The defense did their job as noted above, but the offense didn’t show up. Matthew Stafford and company looked completely lost without Megatron on the field. I can’t fault them too much especially without our #1 and #2 wideouts for this one but that streak of now 22 straight losses in the Cheese-head state is just getting to me.

•  Oh Blaine Gabbert, what are we going to do with you? Another abysmal performance and another injury. Please tell me why the Jaguars refuse to sign Tim Tebow? He would automatically give them something. It may not be accuracy but it’s something which is more than Gabbert is giving them.

•  The Sunday night game just ended and wow, what a completely awful game for Matt Schaub. Three more INTs with one of them going the other way for six points. That makes four straight games that Schaub has thrown a pick six. That’s unacceptable but I still don’t think the Texans go to TJ Yates.

•  The New York Giants.

•  Tom Brady scored exactly 5 points in standard leagues and had his 52 game streak of throwing a TD snapped. The best teams are allowed to have bad days, and that’s what this was. He and the Patriots will be fine. His owner might be frustrated enough to sell low if you want to take a stab at him. With Amendola making his first appearance in a month and Gronk supposedly ready to come back next week, Brady makes a great buy low.

•  Speaking of awful quarterbacks during week 5, we couldn’t do it without mentioning Matt Schaub who had exactly zero points this week.


I’m sure that I forgot something or someone who should have been included. If you think it’s worth mentioning, just leave a comment below!

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