NFL Survival Pools, NFL Pick 'Ems, NFL News, Fantasy Football Oh My

NFL Survival Pools, NFL Pick ‘Ems, NFL News, Fantasy Football Oh My


Yes, that was a very poor placement of words that were inspired by the old famous movie saying, “Lions, Tigers and Bears, oh my!” But you know what? It is pretty fitting when it comes to FFLockerRoom. How so? Let me explain.

FFLockerRoom originated as a fantasy football news source that was completely geared towards getting you, the end-user, a fantasy football championship. While that still rings true with abundant certainty, we also have added NFL Survival Pools, NFL Pick ‘Ems, NFL News and a handful of us are very smart when it comes to making money. In fact, if interested, click here to start betting on-line.

You will find our Survival Pools, Pick ‘Ems, FanDuel contests and more on our “Contests” page. We are talking free money with a shot at fattening your wallet a little. Pick and choose, submit. Really simple. But if you want to get into gambling a little bit more, then you will have to do your research some.

There are many words of terminology that you will want to learn. Straight wager, parlay, money line, point spread and dog/underdog are but a few. Don’t worry though as I have said many of us here at FFLockerRoom are experienced players and are willing to give our two cents if you ever need any.

We offer a NFL Game Day – Actives, Inactives and Weather during Mondays, Thursdays, Sundays and when needed Saturdays to help you keep adept on the comings and goings of key, pertinent injuries that could affect your betting wager and more importantly help you focus on who you really want to put your money on from week-to-week.

Personally I am  a straight wager guy as the odds are the best to win. As the old story goes, the steady tortoise beats out the rabbit every time. While that doesn’t always ring true as I have won thousands on parlays, truth be told the wiser I get about gambling the more I realize that slow-and-steady really is the way to go.

This week you already have some NFL news that is affecting games. Ahmad Bradshaw of the Indianapolis Colts is out for the season as he has neck surgery scheduled. David Wilson of the New York Giants also has been ruled out for Week 6 where as New England Patriots star tight end Rob Gronkowski is back from a long injury stint which seen him break and re-break his forearm several times.

Don’t hesitate to ask any of us FFLockerRoom staff for help with any of the above. That is what we are here for. While we love fantasy football, truth be told we are much more than that. We are true, blue, NFL fanatics! Best of luck this week.

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