AFC WEST Report: Pryor To Visit The House |

AFC WEST Report: Pryor To Visit The House

It’s bad enough that he wears JaMarcus Russell‘s number 2. Now some so-called experts are predicting a Tebow-like regression for Terrelle Pryor.

As far as Fantasy numbers go, Pryor has been an overachiever. In fact he is on par with the regressing Cam Newton and Colin Kaepernick and Kaepernick has one game on him. Pryor even has more rushing yards than Darren McFadden, Lamar Miller and Maurice Jones-Drew. Pryor has 229 rushing yards on the season and he has averaged 6.2 yards per rush.

Pryor looked like an All-Pro last Sunday night vs. the hapless Chargers defense. He was able to extend plays with his quick feet and fluid lateral movement. Pryor only four TD passes on the season, so the Tebow comparisons are not exactly that far off. Pryor does only have two INTs on this season in 104 passing attempts and both of those INTs came in week one against a ball hawking Colts defense. Since then he has faced some pretty weak defenses (Jaguars, Broncos and the aforementioned Chargers). Pryor has also not lost a fumble this season.

This Sunday will be major test for Pryor when his Raiders travel to the chaotic Arrowhead Stadium to tangle with the undefeated Chiefs. Kansas City has the number one Fantasy DST in most formats, thanks to four defensive TDs and 21 sacks. The only QB that K.C. has faced that compares to Pryor’s athleticism is Michael Vick and they sacked him six times. Pryor has younger legs and at least five inches on Vick.

Pryor’s ability to roll out the pocket might eventually be his downfall as he has already suffered one concussion. Leaving the protected and protective pocket leaves QBs vulnerable to vultures who refuse to be contained.

To further his development, Pryor plans to workout with renowned pitching guru and QB tutor Tom House during Oakland’s week seven bye. House’s resume includes Nolan Ryan, Randy Johnson, Drew Brees and Tom Brady.

The Raiders gave Pryor a vote of confidence by releasing Matt Flynn recently. Now, Pryor must prove his worth for the duration of the season, because we all know that Oakland has no problem spending high draft picks on quarterbacks. Ironically though Oakland drafted Pryor in the third round of the 2011 supplemental draft, which did cause them to forfeit a pick in that round of the 2012 draft. That supplemental draft was the last draft that the late Al Davis was a part of. To the Raiders and Davis’s credit Pryor was allowed to watch and learn. He was not tossed into the Lions Den with a steak knife and wink. He has worked his tail off for this opportunity and what he makes of it or doesn’t make it will not be from a lack of motivation. JaMarcus Russell wishes he could say that.

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