Week 6 Fantasy Football Recap - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Week 6 Fantasy Football Recap – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Welcome to the Week 6 Fantasy Football Recap:  The Good, The Bad, The Ugly! Every week you will get a mostly fantasy football oriented recap from my point of view. If I deviate a bit from football, there is probably a good reason, bear with me and thanks for taking the time to stop by.

By Tom Schriner, The Fantasy Football Junkie

What a great weekend.

Not only did my Detroit Lions win on Sunday to maintain their lead atop the NFC North, but my Detroit Tigers took game one of the American League Championship Series in Boston. I know they gave up game two in a meltdown at the end but they took one of two and that’s what they had to do. So my teams are in good shape and I can hold my head up high and wear the colors proudly. And this morning, my son wanted to wear his Lions shirt to school… bout made me cry.

Then came the eight fantasy teams I manage. Currently, it looks like I’m sitting pretty in five of them which is just swell.

And even greater than my teams doing well and me winning most of my fantasy leagues this weekend, My Brother-In-Law and now Sister-In-Law tied the knot. If that wasn’t good enough, a few months back, they asked me to officiate the wedding. I graciously accepted and immediately figured out how to go about being a minister. Turns out, it’s not very hard at all and if you need any advice I’d be more than happy to help you out. After all, I’m now a professional, and am open for business on the whole getting married gig. But honestly, it was a great honor to be asked by the two of them and from everyone’s pats-on-the-backs afterwards, it appears that I did a nice job. Congratulations to my Brother and Sister who are currently enjoying their honeymoon in some fabulous location not named Indiana.

But then after all of the great things, I can’t help but have this something in my stomach eating at me while I’m thinking and writing about football. It’s not the good things that happened, the bad things or even the ugly things. It’s far worse than that. It’s thinking about what happened to Adrian Peterson‘s son still not even a week ago. Thinking about how someone could do those things to a child who is so defenseless makes me sick. I don’t know Adrian personally or the Mother, but I know that no Parent (and I am, of two little ones myself) should have to endure a loss of a child and no child should have to endure that kind of abuse. I won’t say it was the right or wrong thing for Peterson to play on Sunday, I only know that when tragedy strikes a football player they want to be their family, and their teams are that. My prayers are with everyone affected by this tragedy.



•  Oh Tom Brady, it must be really nice to be a New England Patriots fan. Even at the end, sitting there watching the seconds tick away, I tell my Father-In-Law, this is why you have Brady. It doesn’t matter what has happened, or how the struggles of the game have gotten you in a hole to begin with, it matters that you have a legend behind center. It wasn’t a spectacular game for Brady statistically, or even a good one, but he made the plays when it mattered. And hopefully eked out a win for his owners at the end!

•  It is plain to see that Vernon Davis is the best receiving option for Colin Kaepernik. I know that Anquan Boldin will break off a couple nice games during the season but Davis is the fastest and most challenging to defend player on the 49ers roster. On Sunday, Davis went crazy for 8 receptions, 180 yards with two touchdowns. That also gives him three straight games with a score. With Crabtree and Manningham not coming back for at least a few weeks, ride the wave Davis owners!

•  This is where I applaud myself a little, but I told you that Vincent Jackson would be fine. Mike Glennon can do one thing very well and that’s throw down the field. Vincent Jackson should be a top ten receiver at the end of the season and if you can somehow spin that having a rookie QB is bad for his value, by all means do so. Worked for me a week ago, but it will be a little harder after catching 9 for 114 with 2 TDs.

•  I want to applaud our WR ranker Jonathan Nardone for having the metal to rank Calvin Johnson 15th coming into week 7. I understand that still makes him a no-brainer starter, but he felt something. And Johnson finished with just three receptions as he played mostly decoy against the Cleveland Browns.

•  Josh Gordon is a monster on the field. In four games since coming back from his suspension, he has 25 receptions for 429 yards and two TDs.

•  AJ Green had been really quiet since blowing up in week one but he finally gave his owners something to cheer about in week 6. He finished with 6 catches for 103 yards and a score. Welcome back AJ.

•  For the past two weeks, no wide receiver has been hotter than Justin Blackmon. The Jacksonville Jaguars actually played well against the Broncos Sunday which makes it more surprising that Blackmon finished as well as he did. Many thought this was going to be the garbage-time game of the year but the Broncos defense just couldn’t cover him. He now has 19 receptions and 226 yards in two games and gets the visiting Chargers next week. It’s looking good for Blackmon owners.

•  Congrats if you held steady on Stevan Ridley. He finally had his breakout game against the New Orleans Saints going for 110 total yards and two touchdowns.

•  Nick Foles now has 6 touchdowns and no interceptions. Just saying.

•  After accounting for 4 turnovers against the Arizona Cardinals in week 5, Cam Newton came back to account for 4 touchdowns and no turnovers against the Vikings.



•  I liked Garrett Graham going into week 6 just like a lot of other fantasy analysts, but had you told me at the end of the day, he would only finish with 2 fantasy points, I wouldn’t be shocked. But that was still enough to out produce Jimmy Graham, who did absolutely nothing to help his owners.

•  Joining Jimmy Graham from the New Orleans Saints is his co-most targeted receiving threat not named Darren Sproles, Marquise Colston. Colston finished the day with exactly one catch. But hey, it’s one more than Jimmy.

•  Come’on Stafford. You throw four touchdowns on the day and three of them go to undrafted rookie TE Joseph Fauria? Couldn’t you have done this a few weeks ago when I told people to pick him up? Gosh. But thanks for the win Matt!

•  Pierre Garcon didn’t have a terrible day catching 6 for 69 yards, which is why he’s in the Bad and not the Ugly but he saw fifteen targets! A lot of that is due to Robert Griffin III, as he was throwing all over the place last night. But honestly, Pierre is a buy low if you can snatch him.

•  Not that I’m conceded but generally I do a bang-up job ranking the RBs for FFLockerRoom.com but this week I really feel like dropped the ball. I had Stevan Ridley, DeAngelo Williams and Brandon Jacobs all outside the top 20. I take Jacobs back, who knew that was going to happen?



•  The Houston Texans fans who cheered and applauded when Matt Schaub was injured. That is completely and totally disgusting, and has no place in football or any other sporting venue. How can you do those kinds of things when you know full well that there are kids sitting next to you? How can you show them that is ok? Unacceptable America, just unacceptable.

•  On a day that the offense was running on all pistons, TE1 Greg Olsen had his worst day only catching one for 19 yards. This was the first time all season that he failed to record at least 50 yards through the air. He’s still a starter in most leagues but you gotta be disappointed.

•  Danny Amendola getting injured yet again. He took a vicious hit to the head and was knocked out while trying to make a reception on the sideline. He left the field on his own power but I’m sure he suffered a concussion and will again be questionable for next week. Nothing his owners aren’t familiar with.

•  Not sure what you could get for Dwayne Bowe at this point but taking fifty cents on the dollar may be a good deal. He still hasn’t broken 60 yards in a game. I would take the likes of Kenbrell Thompkins, Vincent Brown, Brian Hartline, Emanuel Sanders or Kendall Wright for him.

•  Eli Manning, will the madness stop? That is now 5 games this season that he has accounted for at least three turnovers. I know his offensive line is terrible but some of this has to rest on his shoulders.


I’m sure that I forgot something or someone who should have been included. If you think it’s worth mentioning, just leave a comment below!

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