Seattle Seahawks @ Arizona Cardinals Fantasy Football Injury Report

Arizona Cardinals vs Seattle Seahawks Thursday Night Fantasy Football Injury Report

Seattle Seahawks:

Marshawn Lynch (hip, probable): Lynch sat out various days throughout the course of the week last week and looked just fine during the Week 6 contest. Expect this week’s limited participation to be much of the same, mainly a way to get Lynch some rest and allow his heal to recover from Sunday’s game. No specifics on the exact hip injury, but it was minor enough to not limit him against the Titans. No setbacks were reported, so expect Lynch to be ready to go tonight.

Arizona Cardinals:

Larry Fitzgerald (hamstring, probable): Despite all of the talk about Fitz re-injuring his hamstring during the Week 5 game, he still came out in Week 6 and put up a monster game against the 49ers. Look, he’s not 100%, as these hamstring issues (and soft tissue injuries of any kind) respond best to conservative treatment and rest, the latter of which Fitz has no intention of giving. He was less than 100% last week and still put up monster numbers; however, on the flip side, he was deemed more healthy in Week 5 and had a dud of a game. It’s going to be hard to predict moving forward, especially a week like this where he’s facing the Seahawks’ Legion of Boom secondary.

Watching Fitz run last week, he seemed like he wasn’t quite all there, most evident on his long TD catch, as he lost a lot of burst as he got closer to the end zone. The fact that he was able to show that kind of burst after catching the ball is a good sign, though, especially with no report of setback during this short week. His route running is much better than is was when he initially injured the hamstring, but still doesn’t look sharp when he has to plant on a dime and accelerate.

At the end of the day, you have you take a look at your roster and figure out if 100% of your replacement is better than roughly 80% of Fitz. I have this same decision to make this week in a 1/2 point PPR league, as he’s currently slotted to be my Flex spot. However, the more i weigh things (less than 100%, tough matchup, my ability to put a QB in this Flex spot), the more I’m leaning towards not playing him. He may prove me wrong and make me regret it, but I’m willing to take that chance.

Calais Campbell (neck, questionable): Campbell was carted off the field this past Sunday with an apparent neck injury. He was diagnosed with a bruised spine, which is basically a result of a traumatic blow to a region, like when you hear of a player suffering a contusion to a bone. The great news is that he stayed in the hospital overnight and was released the next day, which basically means he was just being observed. He was able to return to practice this week and, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, will play tonight.

This is a big boost to the Cardinals run defense as they attempt to stop Beast Mode from wreaking havoc. My gut feeling, though, is that Campbell will be on a relative snap count, maybe not quite playing as many snaps as he normally would, but this type of injury is all about pain and inflammation control, so he should be able to play through it.

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