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Percy Harvin To Start Practicing Next Week Per Source

nflpod newsman, Ian Rapoport reported on his twitter account that a source informed him Seattle Seahawks wide receiver, Percy Harvin, will start practicing next week and should be back on the field, “sooner rather than later.”

This is great news for those of you who were able to stash Percy on your bench. While the Seahawks offense won’t change much, as they keep pounding the running game, Percy should be able to take the top spot at WR with ease. This could benefit Golden Tate in the long-run with defenses having to shadow Harvin. But don’t expect a big change in Russell Wilson though. Sure he may perform slightly better in terms of his fantasy numbers but his numbers aren’t going to dramatically improve. Through the first six weeks, it’s clear what kind of offense the Seahawks want to run. Wilson could do a lot more if asked but for now he’s not much more than a game manager. As a Wilson owner in two leagues, I really hope it changes but in terms of actual on-the-field quarterbacking, he is doing a fantastic job.

Just not fantasy fantastic.




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