Nick Foles Of Eagles Leaves Game With Head Injury -

Nick Foles Of Eagles Leaves Game With Head Injury

The Philadelphia Eagles cannot catch a break. Not too long ago they were thought of as one of the top-teams in the NFL, having assembled the three-headed monster. A few quick seasons later they are looking at a team that is horrid on defense and can’t keep a quarterback healthy.

Nick Foles, who struggled for most of the day going 11-for-29 for 80 yards and 0 touchdowns on the day, left Sunday’s game against the Dallas Cowboys with what appears to be a head injury. 

Foles, who also seemed to be struggling with a groin injury was relieved by rookie Matt Barkley who played for USC. That isn’t a very ideal situation for the Eagles who entered the game tied for first with the Cowboys for the division lead in the NFC East. With Michael Vick out with hamstring issues the urgency of getting him back on the field has heightened. 

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