Week 7 Fantasy Football Recap - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Week 7 Fantasy Football Recap – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly


Welcome to the Week 7 Fantasy Football Recap:  The Good, The Bad, The Ugly! Every week you will get a mostly fantasy football oriented recap from my point of view. If I deviate a bit from football, there is probably a good reason, bear with me and thanks for taking the time to stop by.

By Tom SchrinerThe Fantasy Football Junkie

I had a couple of moments this week that were quite amazing.

First, it was my wife and I’s ninth anniversary. She is an amazing woman and I couldn’t imagine going on this wonderful ride of a roller coaster we call life without her by my side. And after enjoying a really nice dinner, she presented me with my gift, of which there was supposed to be none. But the gift, happened to be the new iPhone 5s! Whether you are an Apple nerd like myself or not, you have to respect the idea of this gift. It’s THE phone to have right now and she got it for me. And if that wasn’t enough, she splurged even more and got me the 32GB version. What did I get her? A surprise morning visit to her work with our daughter and some Starbucks. Like I said, we weren’t supposed to get each other anything but what can I say, she’s amazing. 

Second, I’m about to win my game in the official Fantasy Football Junkie league. Normally, getting a win in any league on any given week is a nice thing but winning this week was special. See, this week I play my wife. The same wife whom I love dearly. The same wife who surprised me with an amazing gift this week. And the same wife, who I have never beaten in MY league. She has beaten me all three times we have met since starting the league in 2010. All three times. I’m not mad, can’t be. How many husbands have wives that not only play in a fantasy football league but actually love it. Not just setting a lineup and forgetting it till Monday, but constantly checking the scores on Sunday. Constantly huffing in annoyance when the players are underperforming to her standards or cheering when the players break their projections after just a quarter of play. Not many, I’m proud to be in the minority. But on this day, I’m assured to be the victor. Thanks babe, good game. Happy Anniversary!



•  It has to start with Sunday Night Football. It was supposed to be a great game and the Indianapolis Colts versus Denver Broncos did not disappoint. The Colts jumped on the Broncos early and held on for a game that almost looked as if it would be one of Peyton’s greatest comebacks. Manning did everything he could to mount the comeback but it was the more efficient Colts who came away with the win. While Peyton’s fantasy owners are happy with his “Star Wars” numbers, Luck’s owners also came away happy. The one standout player other than Luck and Manning was Eric Decker. Decker finished with 8 receptions, 150 yards and a TD.

•  If the SNF game was the #1 game for QBs, the Detroit Lions versus Cincinnati Bengals was a close second. Matthew Stafford and Andy Dalton put up huge numbers of their own totaling over 700 yards and each throwing for three touchdowns.

•  Welcome back Robert Griffin III. With nearly 300 yards through the air and 84 yards on the ground, it was a good sign for his owners and fans to see him look like RGIII from 2012. Everyone knew it would take time but some were doubting if he would ever return to the player he was during his rookie season. It’s safe to say that he’s coming along. And now that they took care of business against the Chicago Bears, the Washington Redskins are back in the discussion.

•  Harry Douglas went off on the Buccaneers for 149 yards and a score. It’s obvious that the Bucs were focusing on Tony Gonzalez but not many thought Harry had this kind of game in him.

•  In his first start for the Green Bay Packers, Jarrett Boykin caught 8 balls for 103 yards with a touchdown. Pretty good up against a better than average defense. It also helps that your QB’s name is Aaron Rodgers

•  Washington is moving on from TE Fred Davis. A healthy scratch this week, Davis is giving way to Jordan Reed who went crazy for 9 receptions, 134 yards and a TD. He is currently the #1 TE from week 7.

•  For those that didn’t know, Gronk was back in week 7. While he was a little rusty, that rust came off quick. Brady targeted Rob 16 times eight of which were caught for 114 yards.

•  I’m not one to highlight many kickers but the Steelers’ Shaun Suisham nailed 4/4 for the second week in a row.

•  Ok Megatron owners… time to breathe. He’s back and as far as I know, didn’t suffer any setbacks on his injuries.

•  After a hiccup in week 6, Fred Jackson got right back to work getting another double-digit game under his belt. He’s now only had one bad week this whole season.



•  A couple of injuries probably killed more than a few teams this week. Owners of Jay Cutler, Arian Foster and Reggie Wayne will need to watch the injury reports this week. Make sure to check out our very own Dr. Ziad Dahdul’s injury report due out early in the week. It’s a must-read.

•  If you would have told TY Hilton owners that Andrew Luck would target him eleven times and that Luck threw three touchdowns, you would have to like his odds of having a successful fantasy day. Today was not that day. Even with the great day for the Colts QB, Hilton caught just 2 for 27 yards.

•  How do you target RB Chris Ogbonnaya 12 times in week 6 and then turnaround and target him twice in a contest that your running game couldn’t get it going? The Browns need to work on their game-plan.

•  A lot of people were high on Lamar Miller this week against the Bills. And they had every right to be. Miller was coming off a bye and going up against a terrible run defense. Little did they know, the Dolphins would end up giving Daniel Thomas more carries. Both backs looked good, which will likely mean a committee against next week.

•  The Redskins and Roy Helu. Come’on Washington, you couldn’t give Alfred Morris a bone here? You couldn’t let him score one of them three touchdowns from Roy Helu? Not one?



•  We are learning late tonight that St. Louis Rams QB, Sam Bradford, has torn his ACL and is going to be done for the season. He had been playing very well this season totaling 14 TDs and just 4 INTs. The Rams have career backup Kellen Clemens as the only other QB on the roster. They are likely to target a veteran QB in the next day or so. 

•  Oh Nick Foles, what happened? It was supposed to be so easy… The Cowboys were without DeMarcus Ware and Anthony Spencer. They had been giving up yards to everyone and you were just named NFC offensive player of the week! It was a dream scenario of which many weekly fantasy owners including myself took advantage of. Well, you stunk throwing 11/29 for 80 yards. And after all that, Foles left the game with a head injury.

•  Even worse than Nick Foles was his backup Matt Barkley who clearly wasn’t ready to enter the game. He threw 3 picks in twenty attempts. Eagles fans hope Michael Vick is ready to go next week.

•  Doug Martin had his worst day of the season getting just four fantasy points. I can’t tell if he’s a buy-low or sell, what do you think?

•  And because I can, the Detroit Tigers bullpen. All Tigers’ fans knew that in game six when we went to the bullpen it was over. They blew three games in that series and wasted gems by Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander. 


It’s completely possible that because it’s nearing 2am, I may have omitted a certain player from the good, the bad or the ugly. Let me know in the comments!

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