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Week 8 Fantasy Football Injury Report: Arian Foster

Arian Foster left Sunday’s game with a strained hamstring, the same one he initially injured one week earlier. Foster is said to have a “mild” strain, which normally correlates with a grade 1 (no tearing, just over-stretch) or low grade 2 (partial tearing). Foster is currently considered day-to-day, as he will use the Texans bye week to rehab and rest the strained hamstring in order to be ready for the Week 9 contest against the Colts.

Injury Outlook: Foster’s laundry list of muscle injuries is well-publicized, as he’s suffered a strain to basically every lower extremity muscle group. The good news is that this current strain is only considered mild, which means he definitely has a legitimate chance of playing in Week 9. It is more than possible to rehab a grade 1/low grade 2 muscle strain in 10-14 days and be ready for action. The concerning part is that this was a re-aggravation, which makes it difficult to predict exactly how affected he will be by this injury and how long it will actually take to recover.

At this point, all signs point to Foster being ready for Week 9. We will know much more once Wednesday and Thursday practices roll around, where we’ll get an idea of how limited he actually is and which tasks he can actually perform pain-free. Foster and the Texans are optimistic that he will be ready to go, but with his extensive injury history, we won’t know for sure until he can fully participate in practice next week.

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