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Week 8 Fantasy Football Injury Report: Jay Cutler

Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler had to leave Sunday’s game with a torn groin muscle. Cutler is estimated to be out for at least 4 weeks, with his status being monitored week to week after that, according to coach Mark Trestman. In the meantime, backup QB Josh McCown will be the starter until Cutler comes back.

Injury Outlook: Bad break for the Bears, as they lose their starting QB for a minimum of 4 weeks during a pretty important time of the year as they battle for playoff position. Cutler reportedly tore one of his groin muscles, but without any specific details, it’s hard to say exactly what type of effect it will have on him. One very recent example of a groin muscle tear would be Danny Amendola, who came back in less than the predicted time and plays a much more physically demanding position than Cutler does. So, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that Cutler is back at the 4 week mark.

There are a few muscles that Cutler could have torn, including any of the adductor muscles (group of muscles that run on the inside of the thigh that function to pull the leg towards the middle of the body and provide some stabilization of the pelvis when standing on one foot) or the hip flexors (made up of two muscles, iliacus and psoas, which function to pull the knee up towards the sky like doing a march). If it were the hip flexors, it would most likely have been a more distal tearing closer to the pelvis and hip, which sometimes is lumped in with the groin musculature. Regardless of which muscle it is, it will take time for scarring down and healing to occur, especially when surgery is not indicated. Cutler’s rehab will come down to pain and inflammation control, stability of the core and hips, and ability to run/stride without weakness or discomfort.

This will be an interesting situation to watch as it is a contract year for Cutler, which¬† means that he will have to weigh what’s best for him in addition to the team as he heads into free agency. The Bears could easily slap a franchise tag on him, delaying his impending free agency one more year, but consider that professional sports has become more of a business than anything else, so these athletes have to look out for their own well being and future more than in the past.

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