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Week 8 Fantasy Football Injury Report: Sam Bradford

Rams starting QB Sam Bradford will miss the rest of the 2013 season after tearing his ACL during Sunday’s loss to the Carolina Panthers. The injury was confirmed via MRI on Monday morning. Bradford suffered the injury in the 4th quarter while scrambling outside the pocket.

Injury Outlook: Another day, another ACL tear. Bradford should make a full recovery and be relatively unaffected long term as Bradford is really not overly reliant on his quickness and feet in order to be effective out on the field. A comparison can be made between this and Tom Brady, who suffered the same injury in 2008 and has not missed a beat since returning.

If Bradford was more of a running QB, I’d be a bit more concerned, as I was with Robert Griffin III. However, although Bradford is a decent athlete who is capable of scrambling and running at times, that’s not his primary strength. The main concern will be mobility within the pocket when it collapses on him, accepting weight onto the left leg during the throwing motion, and being able to make quick, decisive direction changes when necessary. Otherwise, he should be just fine moving forward.

Similar to Reggie Wayne, who suffered the same injury, expect Bradford to miss anywhere from 6-12 months, with Bradford having the possibility to come back a bit sooner due to all the reasons stated above.

In his place, the Rams will go with backup Kellen Clemens as they bring in guys on a weekly basis to see if a change needs to made. Expect the Rams to sign another QB this week to compete for the job.

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