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Week 8 Fantasy Football Injury Report: Jermichael Finley

In a scary situation on Sunday, Packers starting TE Jermichael Finley had to be carted off the field after taking a shot to the head/neck region. Finley remained down on the ground for a while before the stretcher came out, ultimately taking him to the ambulance to be transported to the hospital. Finley did have movement in his extremities when he was carted off.

Finley was initially in ICU undergoing numerous testing and under observation, which resulted in him being diagnosed with a bruised spinal cord. Finley sent out a few encouraging tweets after being in the hospital for a day:




Injury Outlook: The fact that he was able to move all of his extremities, stand, walk, and shower on his own are all great signs in regards to his recovery. With these types of injuries, you always have to be overly cautious, as any injury to the spinal cord is nothing to scoff at.
To be honest, there really is no set timetable for his return at this point. He had just suffered a concussion a few weeks back, and you add on another head/neck injury to the equation and we’re talking about some serious concern about not just Finley’s career, but his post-football life.

Again, signs are all positive thus far, with all of his battery of tests coming back negative and him being released from the hospital possibly today. Add that to the fact that he’s up and walking and moving his arms and legs without issue and there’s a good chance he’s escaped serious injury.

From a fantasy standpoint, you’re basically going to be in a holding pattern until more follow up testing is done and to make sure that there is no change in his neurologic status as the healing process moves forward. Going to have to wait and see.

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