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Week 8 Fantasy Football Weekend Injury Report: Danny Amendola (Q)


New England Patriots WR Danny Amendola will reportedly back in the lineup this Sunday as he returns from a concussion suffered in Week 6. Amendola was able to practice all week, including limited participation on Friday, and is scheduled to make his return to the field. Although Amendola is currently listed as questionable on the injury report, the expectation in that he will return this week.

Injury Outlook: Amendola was reportedly put through the entire battery of testing that needs to be done in order to return to play and it appears that he passed them all with flying colors. Typically the last two stages of the 5-stage testing process are the most difficult to pass, as that requires a player ultimately returning to exerting physical effort and remaining symptom-free for 24 hours afterwards. Amendola appears to have done just that.

Expect Amendola is not be on much of a snap restriction this week, as the rest last week did at least give his bum adductor muscle a chance to rest and not be stressed too much. This may be the healthiest we see Amendola for the rest of the season, so if there’s any week to take advantage of him being back in the lineup, it’s probably this week against a Dolphin team that is not great against opposing WRs. Also, this will be the first time Tom Brady has both Rob Gronkowski and Amendola on the field at the same time, which will make this offense much more dynamic and explosive. Look for the Pats to finally put up a big week (fingers crossed).

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